19 Small Businesses Receive Revolving Loans

July 28, 2014

Microbusiness loans assist an accounting firm, a retail store, remodeling and lawn care companies, a cheerleading gym and home-based businesses

Loans totaling nearly $160,000 have been awarded to 19 small businesses to help them expand and create new jobs. The loans are part of a program to support microbusinesses ? those with five or fewer employees ? created by Louisville Metro Department of Community Services.

The revolving loans, funded by federal dollars from a Community Development Block Grant by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to assist low to moderate-income microbusiness owners, are:

- $15,000 loan to Anderson Business Group, Inc., located at 2900 West Broadway, Suite 233, NIA Center. The loan will allow the owner, Michael Anderson, to purchase more equipment and upgrade technology, to expand a full service accounting and payroll tax service. This project will add one full-time position.

- $15,000 loan to Candle Bee Farm, LLC d/b/a Prima Natural for equipment necessary for Candle Bee Farm member, Heidi Sanner, to increase production of Prima Natural Soap. Prima Natural, a Kentucky Proud product, is a premium soap made with a unique process and the natural ingredients of Kentucky goat milk and Kentucky honey formulated to ?Let Your Skin Breathe?.? Available at Whole Foods Market and at www.PrimaNatural.com .

- $15,000 loan to 3G Development Group, LLC d/b/a Reliant Exteriors. This will allow the owner, Demetrius Gray to purchase supplies and marketing materials for a full service exterior company that serves customers in several states.

- $12,500 loan to Fredesvinda Hernandez d/b/a La Caribena located at 7100 Preston Highway to allow the owner to purchase equipment for a deli addition in a retail store that caters to the Latino community.

- $12,500 loan to Hooten Home Services located at 812 Preston Street. This will allow the owner, James Hooten, to purchase additional equipment to expand his commercial and residential remodeling business.

- $10,500 loan to More & More Contracting Services, LLC. The business, owned by Jermaine Moore, needs additional equipment for a lawn service and landscaping company.

- $10,000 loan to Holloway Mortgage Group, LLC. This will allow the owner, Roger Holloway, to purchase office equipment for the business located at 159 St. Matthews Avenue #6.

- $10,000 loan to Soap Suds Laundry and Cleaners, LLC, located at 10810 Dixie Highway in the Valley Station neighborhood. The loan will allow the owners, Veronica and Mark Eubank, Sr. to upgrade equipment.

- $10,000 loan to Omar Porter Professional Painting, LLC located at 2801 Virginia Avenue #3. This will allow the owner, Omar Porter to purchase additional equipment for a commercial and residential painting business. This project has added three jobs.

- $7,500 loan to PNR Bookkeeping & Business Services to allow the owner, Precious Middleton to purchase office and computer equipment for a home-based bookkeeping business.

- $5,000 loan to Equinox Allstar, LLC, a cheerleading and gymnastics business owned by Schelyce Trabue. The funds will allow the owner to purchase additional equipment for the gym located at 2750 7th Street Road.

- $5,000 loan to Famous Amour Clothing, LLC owned by Tiffany and Richard Johnson. The start-up business will use the funds to purchase inventory and marketing materials for an online apparel company.

- $5,000 loan to Awesome Everyday by Pamela Newman to allow the owner to purchase additional supplies for a home-based craft business that sells candles.

- $5,000 loan to NVY Enterprise, LLC to allow the owner, LaTasha Harrison to purchase office equipment and marketing materials for the business located at 1939 Goldsmith Lane, Suite 243.

- $5,000 loan to Woolfolk Medical Billing Services, LLC. The loan will allow the owner Sandra Woolfolk to purchase equipment for small business startup. This project will add one full-time position.

- $4,500 loan to William Huston, Jr. d/b/a My Crowd Rocks for electronic and computer equipment for a social media campaign management business.

- $4,500 loan to Ruben Anthony, d/b/a Design RA to allow the owner to purchase additional computer hardware and software for a home-based graphic design business.

- $3,500 loan to Marcel Coffee Shop, LLC, located at 5330 S. Third Street, Suite 102, in the Iroquois Shopping Center. The loan will allow the owner, Muayaad A. Al hishimi to purchase more equipment.

- $3,500 loan to EZ Tubz, LLC owned by Rashon Blakely, who will purchase equipment for bathtub fittings for sale and installation services to seniors.

The microbusiness program is part of the Advocacy and Empowerment division of Community Services that provides financial empowerment services, training, technical assistance and loan programs to help create and expand new businesses.

For more information about Community Services? microbusiness trainings and loan opportunities, visit http://www.louisvilleky.gov/CSR/FEED/MicroEnterprise.htm .