“Outstanding” says Councilwoman Sexton Smith as SWMS officers impound 14th vehicle for illegal dumping

December 6, 2019

Louisville – Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith is praising the dedicated effort of Solid Waste Management Services officers as the 14th vehicle of the year is impounded for illegal dumping in District 4.

“Outstanding,” says the Councilwoman. “SWMS officers, with the help of a neighbor and social media, continue to lead the way in cracking down on illegal dumping in our communities. Let me again stress the message: if you dump illegally anywhere in our districts or neighborhoods, you will be caught, and it will be costly.”

This latest impoundment occurred after SWMS Enforcement located and impounded this GMC pickup today in the 2300 block of Payne Street.

SWMS Enforcement was contacted by a citizen that captured someone illegally dumping couches in an alley in District 4 in November. The footage was of high quality, but the license plate was not visible. Then technology stepped in. Officers posted images of the video on Facebook and the Nextdoor App asking for assistance with identifying the individual. It led to the identification and location of the individual.

In total, the illegal dumper received a citation with fines and fees totaling $750. Also, they will have to pay approximately $250 for impound and storage fees.