VAP It! Request a foreclosure on a vacant property

Oftentimes, the easiest and fastest way to acquire a vacant property is to identify the owner and negotiate a sale.

However, if the owner is unavailable and cannot be contacted, one option to buy the property is through a foreclosure action initiated by Louisville Metro. Louisville Metro may only initiate foreclosure action on properties that have accumulated municipal liens - liens are filed when fines or fees due to Metro that remain unpaid after 30 days. Fines and fees may be incurred when:

  • Property conditions are such that Metro must assign a crew to mow the grass, clean the lot or board the doors, windows or other openings of a vacant structure; or
  • The property has been found in violation of the Louisville Metro Code of Ordinances.

Upon receiving a foreclosure request, the Louisville Metro VAP Response Team will research the property to identify whether it qualifies and if so, may initiate the foreclosure. Please note that although the process is short compared to other states, the average foreclosure case will take a minimum of nine months in Kentucky, and may be longer as a result of legal requirements, which include identifying those with a claim to the property and giving them adequate time to respond to the lawsuit.

The end result of a foreclosure action is – unless a settlement or sale occurs along the way – that the property will be sold at the Master Commissioner’s auction (typically held every other Friday at 9:30 a.m.). Please refer to the Master Commissioner’s website for more information, including sale schedules and how to purchase a property at auction.

You may request a foreclosure action by filling out our online request form or print and send the request form to If you have additional questions, please call the Office of Vacant & Public Property Administration: 502-574-4016. 

A list of properties that Metro has already initiated foreclosure on can be found here (updated 2-17-16). Please note that Metro does NOT currently own these properties nor can Metro guarantee an outcome to the auction.