Purchase Vacant Property From Metro

Do you want to purchase a house to fix up and live in?

Do you want to restore homes and put them on the market?

 Do you want to take ownership of and maintain a vacant lot on your block?


We are looking for residents who want to improve their neighborhoods.

Currently, the Landbank owns roughly 400 properties and strives to put them back into productive use to improve our neighborhoods by increasing property values, stimulate the tax base, and reducing crime rates.

What is the Landbank? The Landbank Authority, a cooperative effort by the major taxing authorities in Louisville Metro (city of Louisville, commonwealth of Kentucky and Jefferson County Public Schools). Its mission is to put vacant and abandoned properties back into productive use through concerned residents like you. 

To learn more about our programs and to purchase a Landbank Authority-owned vacant property, click on the link below for either lots or structures.


Lots Structures


If a vacant property is not owned by Metro, Louisville Metro is unable to force a change in ownership, unless the property has significant Building & Housing liens or delinquent taxes. Then, Louisville Metro may facilitate acquisition by initiating a foreclosure action. If you would like to report a vacant property, please call 311, and a Code Enforcement inspector will visit the property.