Purchase Property From Metro

The Vacant and Abandoned Property (VAP) Response Team provides a wide variety of services, including the sale of property belonging to Louisville Metro Government, the Landbank Authority and the Urban Renewal Commission.

Selling property to be placed back into productive use is our highest priority.  If you are interested in buying property from one of the entities listed above, we can assist you.  The process is relatively simple and we are here to work with you every step of the way.  Want to know more about the process?  Please click the links below for more information.

Process Maps

How to Buy a Vacant Lot

How to Buy a Side Yard

How to Buy a Metro Structure


What Properties Are Available?

Property seen on this webpage is managed by the VAP Response Team which acquires, maintains and sells numerous types of vacant properties.  The list of available properties can be downloaded at the links below. This list is updated once per month. 


Landbank Launches October 2016 Request for Proposals!
The current Request for Proposals is open from October 3rd - October 18th.  
Click link below for RFP Guidelines and AVAILABLE STRUCTURES!

  Map IconInteractive map of the RFP structures (This map link is only available when an RFP is active.)

Vacant Lot Sales Inventory List  (as of 10-4-2016) 

* Applications for the purchase of vacant lots are due by the 7th of each month in order to be heard at the following month's board meeting.*  (For example: applications received and approved by September 7th would be heard at the October board meeting)

Click here for a pdf file

Click here for the excel file

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Getting a Closer Look

To enter a boarded or secured property, please refer to the Open House Schedule for the current Request For Proposals. If you would like to visit or enter a property to conduct a visual assessment, please request permission before going into the property by calling the VAP Staff at 502-574-4016. If you see a property you would like to purchase from the sales inventory, you must submit an offer to purchase using our Application to Purchase Property. To view a vacant lot, the following Release Waiver must be signed and submitted to the VAP Staff prior to the viewing.

What Will It Cost to Purchase Property?

The VAP Response Team has adopted a pricing policy to assist in purchasing properties from the sales inventory.  There are three categories designated to classify types of property uses and the associated asking prices ranging from $1.00 to the tax assessed value of the land.  Please feel free to download a copy of our price policy to assist in submitting an application to purchase property.  Asking prices are also included in the sales inventory list. Click here for the pricing policy.

Making an Offer to Purchase Property

In order to make a formal purchase offer or to request an option to purchase a property from the sales inventory, you must complete and submit our application. The Application to Purchase Property is available for online submission here.  You can also download and submit a paper copy of the application and supporting documents by fax, email, or hand-delivery to the contact address listed above. To ensure timely review, all required documentation must be submitted along with the application.  

If your offer is accepted, staff members will call you and work with you throughout the closing process. If you would like more information on buying a property, please contact us at 502-574-4016 with any questions you may have.