Purchase Property From Metro

Louisville Metro Government, together with the Landbank Authority and the Urban Renewal Commission, have ownership of approximately 500 structures and lots that are available for redevelopment. 
The Vacant and Abandoned Property ("VAP") Response Team provides a wide variety of services, including the sale of property belonging to Louisville Metro Government, the Landbank Authority and the Urban Renewal Commission.
Selling property to be placed back into productive use is our highest priority.  If you are interested in buying property from one of the entities listed above, we can assist you. The process is relatively simple and we are here to work with you every step of the way.  Want to know more about our process?  Just click the below links for more information.
Our Process Maps
If a vacant property or lot is not included in the list of Metro-owned properties provided below, the property is privately owned and Louisville Metro is unable to force a change in ownership, unless the property has significant Code Enforcement liens placed on it. Then, Louisville Metro may facilitate acquisition by initiating a foreclosure action.

Landbank Launches June, 2017 Request for Proposals ("RFP") for its Buildings!

The Landbank Authority uses a Request for Proposal ("RFP") process to sell its buildings. To participate in this process, click here to obtain an Application to Purchase Housing/Building and our guidelines as to how to submit a proposal.  A due date of June 16, 2017, at 5:00 pm, has been set to submit proposals for this RFP. 

The following structures are involved in our June RFP:
  • 3923 Elliott Avenue
  • 2509  Grand Avenue
  • 2757 W. Market Street
  • 2928 Virginia Avenue
  • 3200 Rudd Avenue, and
  • 3508 River Park Drive

To view our Open House Schedule, click here. To submit a RFP application click here.

Interactive map of the RFP structures (This map link is only available when an RFP is active.)

What Properties Are Available?

Properties seen on this webpage are managed by the VAP Response Team which acquires, maintains, and sells numerous types of vacant properties.  A list of available "vacant" lots can be downloaded at the links provided below.  This list is updated once per month. 

Sales Inventory List of "Vacant" Lots (updated June 9, 2017)

Click here for a pdf file
Click here for the excel file
Applications for the purchase of vacant lots are due by the 7th of each month in order to be heard at the following month's Joint VAPStat meeting.  Therefore, if your application is submitted and approved by September 7th, your request would be heard at the October joint meeting.
Please visit OpportunitySpace - Louisville, KY for a map
What Does It Cost to Purchase A Vacant Lot?
The VAP Response Team has adopted a pricing policy to assist in purchasing properties from our sales inventory.  Three (3) categories have been designated to classify types of property uses and the associated asking prices ranging from $1.00 to the tax assessed value of the land.  To download and view our current Pricing Policy, click here.  Asking prices are also listed in our Sales Inventory List supplied above.
How Do I Make an Offer to Purchase A Vacant Lot?
In order to make a "formal" offer to purchase or request an option to purchase a vacant lot from our sales inventory, you must complete and submit our application.  The Application to Purchase Property is available for online submission here.  You can also download a paper copy of the application and submit by fax, email, or hand-delivery, along with the requested materials listed on Page 2 of our application. Sample documents of the requested materials are supplied here to assist you.  To ensure your application's timely review, all supporting documents listed under your proposed "use" of the property must be submitted.  If you fail to do so, your application may be denied. 
If your offer is accepted, our VAP Response Team will contact you and work with you throughout the closing process.  If you would like more information on buying a property, please contact us at 502-574-4016 with any questions you may have.
Getting a Closer Look
To enter a boarded or secured property, please refer to the Open House Schedule for the current Request for Proposals.  To view a vacant lot, the following Release Waiver must be signed and submitted to the VAP Response Team before a viewing will be scheduled.