Donate Property To Metro

The Landbank Authority accepts donations of real estate that are suitable for rehabilitation or redevelopment. The property must be owned free and clear of any unpaid mortgages or liens, with the exception of any delinquent property taxes or liens imposed by the Department of Codes & Regulations.  If the property meets these requirements, an owner may donate the property and receive tax advantages. 

Please fill out our online questionnaire, or fill out and print the questionnaire (PDF) and return to:

Office of Vacant and Abandoned Property Administration
444 South 5th Street, 5th Floor
Louisville, KY 40202

If the real estate is encumbered with liens imposed by the Department of Codes & Regulations, please print and fill out the Waiver Request Form (PDF) and the Statement of Financial Hardship (PDF) and return both of these forms to the above address. 

For more information, please contact VAP Staff at 502-574-4016.