About Vacant and Public Property Administration

At any given time, 6,000 to 7,000 properties (structures and lots) in Louisville Metro are reported as vacant. This determination is made by the city’s Code Enforcement Officers, who are out in the field inspecting properties every day. These numbers constantly change for many reasons, including evictions, foreclosures, deaths, demolition, rehabilitation, new construction, sales and re-occupancies. These numbers do not include vacant properties that may exist but have not been reported or verified as vacant by Code Enforcement Officers or that are owned by Metro Government or its partnerships.
This term is applied to vacant structures or lots that fit the following criteria: 

An Property Maintenance violation is open on the strucutre or lot
It been determined by a Code Enforcement Officer to be “vacant” at least one year
It has been referred to Metro for abatement action (cleaning, mowing, boarding, demolition)

We recognize that a healthy city is dependent upon healthy neighborhoods. By reducing the number of vacant and abandoned properties, we can improve the vibrancy, safety, and value of our existing neighborhoods, making Louisville a better place to live, work, and play. 

As part of this initiative, Louisville Metro will:

  • Provide counseling to prevent home foreclosures
  • Provide assistance to maintain vacant properties
  • Collect liens on properties with code violations and foreclose on properties as needed
  • Sell or donate properties owned by the city for uses that will benefit the local community
  • Demolish properties that are past the point of restoration

Mayor's Strategic Plan

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Vacant & Public Property Administration is located in the Metro Development Center, Suite 500, at 444 South Fifth Street.