THRIVE Fellowship

The THRIVE Fellowship is a privately funded community leadership/civic engagement initiative designed in partnership with Cities United, an organization created by mayors across the U.S. to stop the loss of life due to violence. It is funded by the William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust, a private foundation that awards grants to educational and social justice initiatives in communities throughout North Carolina, New York, Florida, Kentucky, and beyond.


Black Men THRIVE


The Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods is leading the program in cooperation with partners such as New Legacy, HEAT Time, the Louisville Urban League, and 15,000 Degrees. THRIVE Fellowships will be offered to men between the ages of 22 and 26 with misdemeanor convictions resulting from current or previous involvement with the criminal justice system.


Training topics include civic engagement, leadership development, case management, and workforce training. Fellows will follow a 32-hour schedule, Monday through Friday. Each fellow will receive a stipend to cover housing, food, clothing, daily living expenses, and education/training expenses.



THRIVE partners