Sustain Louisville

Sustain Louisville, our city’s first ever sustainability plan, serves as a foundational framework to shape citywide progress towards a vibrant, prosperous and healthy community. Achieving the goals set forth in Sustain Louisville will require leadership from city government as well as concerted efforts from our 750,000 citizens and multiple partners in the nonprofit, public and private sectors. Similar to sustainability itself, Sustain Louisville is intended to be comprehensive in nature and is designed to set a course for long-term aspirations. 

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As Sustain Louisville develops, the Office of Advanced Planning and Sustainability aims to increasingly integrate health and equity into all goals and initaitives. This objective is an effort to align with Louisville Metro Government's "health in all policies" approach, and to ensure that the plan's triple bottom line approach is appropriately integrated.


Sustain Louisville emphasizes three key objectives to successfully achieve the Office of Advanced Planning and Sustainability's mission and vision to embed sustainability into the culture of Louisville's citizens:

  1. Protect the environment and reduce Louisville's carbon footprint.
  2. Ensure the health, wellness and prosperity of all citizens.
  3. Create a culture of sustainability.
Focus Areas

The plan is divided into six focus areas, each with specific initiatives and metrics to help achieve these overall objectives. Within each focus area, initiatives are identified as Underway, Planned, Proposed or Complete. 

THE ENERGY SECTION provides information regarding both citywide and city government energy use and identifies completed, existing and proposed initiatives. The goals and initaitives focus on energy conservation and the pursuance of renewable energy options.

THE ENVIRONMENT SECTION provides goals and initiatives that promote clean air, clean water and increased waste diversion. Addressing the vital topics of urban heat mitigation and climate adaptation and resilience are included in this section as well. 

THE TRANSPORTATION SECTION identifies efforts that are planned, underway or completed such as offering carshare and rideshare programs in Louisville, increasing bicycle facilites and growing TARC ridership. This section aligns with the goals in Move Louisville, the city's Multimodal Strategic Transportation Plan. 

THE ECONOMY SECTION describes completed, existing and proposed efforts to promote a clean economy and foster economic development. Prosperity in the community is a key element in developing a more sustainable city. 

THE COMMUNITY SECTION includes health and equity as well as sustainable land management. Connecting the community with the natural environment helps promote healthy living, environmental awareness and improves the overall quality of life in Louisville. This section also highlights the value of trees and green infrastructure in combating the urban heat island effect. Equitable distribution of local and healthy foods and EcoDistrit development are also included in this section. 

THE ENGAGEMENT SECTION discusses perhaps the most vital aspect of Sustain Louisville. An engaged and aware community is the most effective way to advance sustainability. The goal of this section is to educate the community and inspire everyone to do their part to achieve Sustain Louisville's goals.


Progress Reports 

Sustain Louisville is a living and fluid document that evolves over time as goals and initiatives are achieved and new strategies are identified. Each year, the Office of Advanced Planning and Sustainability releases a Progress Report to document the accomplishments towards achieving the plan's targets. The most recent Progress Report supersedes all previous reports, including the original plan, and serves as the current working version of Sustain Louisville.This reporting methodology allows the community to track the progress being made and see the impact of their sustainable actions.

Each Progress Report updates goal and initiative language, as well as highlighting achievements. This reporting methodology allows the community to track the progress being made and see the impact of their sustainable actions. 


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