Renewable Energy

Louisville Metro recognizes there is no credible path to a safe climate that includes continued long-term combustion of fossil fuels and the proliferation of new fossil fuel infrastructure. Although Louisville's current energy mix comes from approximately 97% fossil fuel combustion, the city is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and transitioning to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2040. With the help of the community, Louisville can achieve its renewable energy goals, create a cleaner and healthier place to live, and avoid the worst impacts of climate change. 

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Residential Renewable Energy 

Residents can help green our grid by participating in the following LG&E programs:

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  • Green Energy Program - asks participants to contribute $5 per month to help regional renewable energy operators offset the higher cost of sustainable electric generation.
  • Solar Share Program - allows subscribers to purchase their desired number of solar shares at a rate of $5.55/share/month.
  • Net Metering - allows customers who have a private generation source to receive credits towards future power needs for any excess power generated.


Non-Residential Renewable Energy 

Businesses can help Louisville transition to 100% clean energy by participating in the following LG&E programs:

  • Green Energy Program - asks participants to contribute $5 per month to help regional renewable energy operators offset the higher cost of sustainable electric generation.
  • Business Solar Program - allows businesses to get on-site renewable energy without the large upfront capital cost and O&M associated with private solar arrays.
  • Renewable Power Agreement -allows businesses to purchase the electrical output from a renewable energy generator through a special contract.


Municipal Renewable Energy 

Louisville is taking its own steps to becoming a leader in renewable energy:

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  • Metro Council has passed two resolutions to support renewable energy growth in Louisville:
    • 100% Clean Energy Resolution - calls for 100% renewable electricity for Metro operations by 2030, 100% clean energy for Metro operations by 2035, and 100% clean energy community-wide by 2040
    • A Resolution Supporting the Future of Solar Energy - urges all Metro Agencies and Departments to support the vigorous growth of solar energy in Louisville and to aggressively pursue strategies designed to meet this goal. 
  • Louisville's Emissions Reduction Plan and Climate Adaptation Plan emphasize the importance of shifting energy sources from fossil fuels to clean and renewable sources and outline key implementation strategies to help increase access to affordable, renewable energy sources.
  • Louisville Metro has installed solar on seven of its buildings.
    • LMPD's Property Building, 635 Industry Road - small solar demonstration project
    • Louisville Fire Company No. 10, 501 Ashland Avenue - solar thermal
    • Louisville Zoo Administration Building - 30 panels
    • Hall of Justice, 600 W Jefferson Street - solar thermal for domestic host water
    • Metro Development Center, 444 S 5th Street - solar thermal for domestic hot water
    • Metro Parks Mary T Meagher Aquatic Center, 201 Reservoir Avenue - solar thermal for pool water heating
    • Newburg Library, 4800 Exeter Avenue - PV thin film solar with reverse metering and solar lights in the parking lot
Additional Resources

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100% Renewable Energy Alliance of Louisville

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