#cool502 logoWithout significant changes in the development of Louisville's urban landscape, urban temperatures are expected to increase over the coming decades due to the greenhouse gas effect, the displacement of trees and other natural vegetation, and the expansion of concrete, asphalt and other impervious surfaces. Rising urban temperatures have implications for public health as well as critical infrastructure preservation. 

In an effort to start managing urban heat, Louisville Metro Government is offering three incentives programs for residents and businesses. They include:

Learn about Energy Project Assessment District financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation projects. (EPAD Program)

Learn about below market-rate financing for small businesses aimed at increasing energy efficiency and creating “green” jobs, products or services.  (Go Green Loan Program)

Cool Roof Rebate Program

The Office of Sustainability provides rebates to property owners of $1 per square foot of cool roof installed, with a goal of incentivizing at least 100,000 square feet of cool roofs. Buildings located in Metro Council Districts 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 12, 14 and 15 are identified as high heat island areas based on the Urban Heat Management Study (2016), and will receive at least 60% of the available funding. The program will continue until funds are depleted.* Rebates are limited to a maximum of three properties per property owner. 

*Note - All funds for Fiscal Year 2018-2019 have been depleted.  Applications will now be waitlisted, pending budget approval for Fiscal Year 2019-2020. 

Cool Roof Examples
Residential Buildings             
The Office of Sustainability offers $1 per square foot for new or retrofit steep-slope and flat or low-sloped* cool roofs up to the maximum rebate of $2,000 for residential buildings, including multi-family*. 
*Condominiums with 10 units or less qualify for a maximum rebate of $2,000. Condominiums with more than 10 units can receive a maximum of $5,000.
Non-residential Buildings
The Office of Sustainability offers $1 per square foot of new or retrofit flat or low-sloped** cool roofs up to the maximum rebate of $5,000 and for steep-sloped cool roofs up to the maximum rebate of $10,000. 
**Note - Steep-sloped roofs have a surface slope more than 16.7% (9.5 degrees).  Low-sloped roofs have a surface slope less than 16.7% (9.5 degrees).  A flat cool roof can be either a coating applied over an existing roof system or a new single-ply waterproofing membrane.
Eligibility Requirements
  • Roofing products must be certified by ENERGY STAR
  • Roof must be installed/applied by a contractor in good standing with the Secretary of State
  • Roof must be located over an air conditioned space (flat or low-sloped cool roofs only) 
  • Roof can be either a coating applied over an existing roof system or a new waterproofing membrane that meets the certified performance specifications (flat or low-sloped cool roofs only)
  • Property owner must be the applicant for the rebate
  • Property must be located in Jefferson County
  • Business entities receiving funds must comply with requirements of the Louisville Metro Revenue Commission and be registered with the Human Relations Commission
  • The subject property shall not be subject to Louisville Metro liens and shall be current in the payment of all property taxes
  • Roof must be installed after March 2017
Rebates will be distributed after roof installation and upon receipt of:
  • Cool Roof Rebate Application and accompanying documentation
  • Purchase receipt
  • Photos of completed installation
  • Contractor-signed documentation of roof size
  • Brand and name of shingle or roofing product installed
Documentation must be submitted within six months of application submission, or funds will be forfeited. To apply for rebates from the Office of Sustainability’s Cool Roof Rebate Program, complete the online application or email a completed application, W-9 and addendum to The Office of Sustainability’s cool roof incentive funds are available on a first-come first-served basis. Applications may be submitted before the project is completed, but funds will not be dispersed until project completion. 
For more information on the benefits of cool roofs, visit the Department of Energy website.
To calculate the energy savings you will achieve by installing a cool roof, use the Cool Roof Savings Calculator.
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Green Infrastructure Incentives

The Office of Sustainability offers incentives for green infrastructure projects. Funds are used to match MSD’s Green Infrastructure Financing Incentive program such that eligible projects approved by MSD qualify for additional incentives through the Office of Sustainability. Eligible projects include green infrastructure installations that keep at least 1” of stormwater out of the sewer and drainage system such as rain gardens, pervious pavement, green roofs, infiltration drains and water harvesting systems. 

Applicant Criteria
  • Projects that receive less than $150,000 from MSD’s Green Infrastructure Financing Incentive program will be eligible to receive Office of Sustainability incentive funds.
  • Project must be located in Jefferson County. Projects located outside of the combined sewer district, as defined by MSD, are eligible to participate in this program. 
  • Projects only apply to commercial properties, not residential.
  • Funds will be matched $1 for $1 (to the MSD incentive) not to exceed $10,000 per project. Funds distributed will cover up to 100% of project costs, combined with MSD incentives.
To apply, please submit a completed application and a W-9 to


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