Commercial Energy Star Program

The Office of Sustainability, in partnership with the Louisville Energy Alliance, offers an Energy Star Certification Assistance Program to help nonprofit, K-12, worship facilities and commercial building owners certify their facilities through Energy Star. Through this program, building owners receive free verification services from a licensed architect or engineer, a $2,000+ value. Learn more.

Thank you to the volunteer verifiers participating in this program:


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The ENERGY STAR program helps buildings track their energy and water consumption over time using its Portfolio Manager software. Building owners can find inefficiencies that need to be fixed, and see the results of energy-saving efforts. Buildings that perform in the top 25% of their peers, receiving a minimum score of 75/100, are eligible to receive the ENERGY STAR Certification, and are recognized for being highly energy and water efficient.

View existing Energy Star Certified buildings in Louisville

Why Participate?
  • Certify your building through Energy Star at no charge. You'll receive free Energy Star Certification verification services, a $2,000 value.
  • Realize the benefits of tracking your data through Portfolio Manager. Benchmark your building against similar structures and compare your energy usage from year to year to see where you can reduce energy consumption and save money.
  • Become an energy reduction leader in Louisville. Help keep Louisville on the list of the top 25 U.S. cities with the most Energy Star Certified buildings.
How to Participate

Participation in this program is free!

  1. Enter building background data (gross floor area, weekly operating hours, etc.) and at least 12 months of energy usage data (from your energy bills) into Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager – a free, online energy tracking software.
  2. Portfolio Manager will give you an expected Energy Star Score based on the information entered. If that score is 75 or higher, contact the Office of Sustainability to receive free verification services from a licensed architect or engineer to validate your Energy Star Certification submission.
  3. Schedule a four hour time slot to meet with the volunteer Professional Engineer (P.E.) or Registered Architect (R.A.) on-site to validate your submission.
  4. Submit your application to Energy Star.
Eligible Property Types

Because ENERGY STAR calculates a score based on comparing a large quantity of peer buildings, only some property types are currently eligible for certification*.

Each property uses a slightly different methodology to calculate its ENERGY STAR score. To learn more about any type, click on any of the property types above.

*If your property type is not yet able to be certified, still consider signing up for Portfolio Manager to track and manage your energy and water consumption. Your building will receive all the benefits of using Portfolio Manager, and in the future your property may become eligible for certification. 

Eligibility Requirements

To receive an ENERGY STAR score, your building must meet the following three criteria. 

  1. Property Type – 50% of the building must be defined as one of the property types (see list above), excluding parking lots and garages, and your parking garage can’t be bigger than your building. In addition, no more than 25% of floor space may be ineligible for a score (i.e., a property type not listed above).
  2. Property Use Details – Your building must be within certain thresholds. For instance, with four exceptions, all buildings must be at least 5,000 square feet.
  3. Energy Data – Data on energy use must be provided for the whole building, regardless of who receives or pays the bill. All energy used by the property must be quantified (gas, oil, onsite renewable energy, etc.), and there must be at least 12 full, consecutive, calendar months of energy data for all meters and types.
More Resources

​​Buildings with an ENERGY STAR score of 75 or higher are performing in the top 25% of similar buildings nationwide, and should be eligible to become ENERGY STAR Certified.


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