Climate Action and Resilience

Compact of Mayors Signing

Mitigating and Preparing for Climate Change

The impacts of climate change are being experienced in Louisville with more intense heat waves, bigger storms, and flooding. Louisville Metro is actively working to tackle the challenge by preparing for more extreme weather and cutting the carbon emissions causing climate disruption. 

In December 2018, Louisville Metro set a goal of reducing emissions 80% by 2050. In doing so, Louisville joined more than 9,000 cities around the world that have committed to this target via the Global Covenant of Mayors. Efforts are now underway to develop strategies to achieve the goal. Find out how you can contribute by saving energy, cutting waste, switching to solar power, and taking other steps.

Louisville Metro is increasing resilience to extreme weather through the Prepare Louisville campaign, which launched in March 2019 and includes developing a plan to reduce current and future risks. Everyone who lives in Louisville has a role to play.

Here's how you can help:

  • Learn more about how climate change is impacting Louisville via a summary video and science report.
  • Share your concerns about climate change and help shape the plan via this short survey. (The deadline to complete this survey has passed.)
  • Start preparing for extreme weather by taking steps such as creating emergency plan and heat and flood proofing homes and businesses. 

For a glossary of terms associated with climate change preparedness, click here.


Recent Climate Action Milestones: