Climate Action and Resilience

Compact of Mayors Signing

Mitigating and Preparing for Climate Change

The impacts of climate change are being experienced in Louisville with more intense heat waves, bigger storms, and increased flooding. These changes affect all sectors of our communities, including human health, natural resources, infrastructure, emergency response, economics, and others.

In recognition of our contribution to climate change and our responsibility to lessen its impacts, Mayor Greg Fischer signed the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy on Earth Day 2016. By making this pledge, Louisville Metro joined with thousands of cities across the global to accelerate progress toward a low-emission and climate resilient future.

Louisville's commitment to an ambitious global climate solution was a three-step process, which included measuring its greenhouse gas emissions, setting a greenhouse gas reduction target, and creating a climate action and adaption plan. Louisville Metro has complied with these commitments and is now working towards measuring progress and implementing the strategies and actions set forth in its plans.

For more information on the steps Louisville Metro is taking to reduce its contribution to global climate change, visit our Greenhouse Gas Inventory, Emissions Reduction, and Climate Adaptation webpages.

For a glossary of terms associated with climate change preparedness, click here.