Air Quality

For more than 60 years, the Air Pollution Control District (APCD) has worked to ensure cleaner air for the residents of Louisville. APCD implements the Federal Clean Air Act in Louisville and offers several programs to engage local residents in decreasing air pollution. 

  • Kentuckiana Air Education (KAIRE) is APCD's community outreach and education program. KAIRE's primary goal is to increase public awareness of the impact individual choices can have on local air quality.
  • KAIRE runs Louisville's Idle Free program, which encourages residents, schools and businesses to commit to turn off vehicles if they are idling (parked and running) for more than 10 seconds
  • Lawn Care for Cleaner Air offers rebates for purchasing electric and human-powered lawn equipment. Rebates are available for residents (1/3 acre or less) and for professionals (1/3 acre or more). 
  • Receive air quality alerts and daily air quality forecasts by signing up for EnviroFlash.
  • Grow More Mow Less encourages residents to replace turfgrass with plants you do not have to mow

One hour of mowing with a typical gas-powered lawnmower produces the same amount of smog-forming pollution as driving your car for 200 miles—enough to go from Louisville to Nashville. Trade in your lawn mower today or replace your turfgrass with flowers, trees and shrubs.