An Overview

Sustain Louisville is Louisville's first comprehensive sustainability plan. It is a vital element for ensuring an environmentally sound, vibrant and prosperous future for Louisville and its citizens. The plan was prepared by the Office of Sustainability with the input of city government employees and community stakeholders. Sustain Louisville is intended to be a living document that celebrates our strengths and identifies goals for future success. As the city makes progress toward meeting Sustain Louisville’s goals, or as priorities change, the plan will evolve and remain fluid. Implementation of the initiatives and progress toward achieving Sustain Louisville’s goals is reported to the community on an annual basis.

Objectives of Sustain Louisville:

1. Protect the environment and reduce Louisville’s carbon footprint.
2. Ensure the health, wellness and prosperity of all citizens.
3. Create a culture of sustainability.

Sustain Louisville is divided into six focus areas: energy, environment, transportation, economy, community and engagement. These focus areas were identified based on an evaluation of national benchmarks and local issues, and specifically because efforts need to be made or enhanced in these areas to drive sustainability in Louisville. In each section, many goals and initiatives include metrics for success and anticipated completion timelines.

Goals Summary

Goals in the 2016 Sustain Louisville Progress Report