Youth Idea Challenge 2017

Youth Idea Challenge 2017 

Youth Idea Challenge 2017

In honor of the National Youth Violence Prevention Week, the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods issed a challenge to Louisville youth to submit project ideas that may help reduce youth violence in Louisville. We encouraged youth to put on their thinking caps, tap into their creativity and consider what they could do to prevent youth violence and then share their idea(s) with us! We welcomed youth to submit proposals/ideas in the following formats: songs, poems, videos, graphic arts, drawings, paintings, essays and other creative methods.

Proposals/Ideas highlighted one of the following themes:

Justice, Resolution, Forgiveness, Community, Tolerance, Safety, Hope, Peace, Love, Unity, Respect


HAD to be between the ages of 8-18yrs of age

HAD to submit ideas/proposals by Friday, April  21, 2017 @ 5pm

HAD to include a 200 word or less description

HAD to have parent/guardian permission to enter

Idea HAD to be their own

Individuals and groups were welcomed to enter

Groups: 2-5 individuals (all group members HAD to be between 8-18yrs of age)

HAD to live in Louisville/Jefferson County

HAD to be present on April 28, 2017 to win 

The turnout in California Community Center was terrific! Supportive parents and community members were there, and of course city leaders Mayor Greg Fischer and Councilmen David James were in the building. One of the participating groups was a group of young ladies from P.A.C.T in Action. Take a look at their video here.


Judging Criteria:  

Prizes for youth violence prevention week

Submissions were divided into 4 categories:

Individuals 8-12 years of age
Groups 8-12 years of age
Individuals 13-18 years of age
Groups 13-18 years of age

Judges gradeed each of the submissions based on the following areas:

Creativity/Originality/Uniqueness: Is the idea that has been done a lot?
Practicality/Ability to Replicate: Can the idea actually be done in Louisville?
Thoughtfulness: Does the idea consider multiple communities or neighborhoods? Or most impacted communities?
Clarity/Organization: Is the idea easy to understand?


             YIC 17 People talking with each other  Say no  


                               Winning submission     YIC drawing 


Next year we hope to see you at our Youth Idea Challenge '18!