OSHN attends PeaceEd Training


OSHN staff sharpens their skills with a Conflict Resolution training

PeaceEd provides an open space for violence prevention workers to hone their skills

The Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods staff attended the PeaceEd Community Institute training February 21-23. The training addressed basic conflict resolution, diversity theory, and equipped participants to intervene during youth conflicts contained by their everyday setting. Several other individuals attended the Community Institute from other Louisville nonprofit agencies as well. The group consisted of a wide range of diversity regarding socioeconomic status, race, gender, faith and nationality. The OSHN team wanted to share their thoughts to offer some insight as to their feelings about the three day training.


What are your feelings about the PeaceED training?

The training was therapeutic and much needed during a stressful week. Peace Ed and its activities are insightful and were thoughtfully put together and executed. By the end of our training I had felt like we had all been good close family friends.

This training helped me to realize the diversity in myself and others and how to celebrate these differences. Rather than affirm who I am and hide from the differences I see in others and allow conflict to build, Peace Ed helped me to engage others in creative and sustainable ways.

The Community Institute training was cleansing and much needed. I was uplifted in the midst of dealing with difficult circumstances because of the great facilitators who were down to Earth.


What will you take away from the PeaceED training?

I walked away feeling better prepared to address the issue of conflict.  In learning about the building blocks of conflict resolution it has afforded me the opportunity to be a better leader and develop my team in a stronger way to execute our goals and objects.

I will more than likely apply the wisdom from the training in my personal life to become a better person for myself and those I care about.

One of the most helpful things I gathered from the experience was insight on working with young people. De-escalation techniques are crucial when working with any population and I was able to add some useful skills to my repertoire. 

Through the Community Institute I became a better listener, a better communicator, and a better community member. These skills are more than just professional skills, they are personal. We can have conflict with our loved ones or with complete strangers.

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It is also important to note that the One Love Louisville Ambassador Program will sponsor this training and others like it for those who choose to become Ambassadors. The One Love Louisville Ambassador program encourages community involvement and supports citizen led work toward violence prevention efforts in Louisville. Several One Love Louisville Ambassadors attended the training in addition to the OSHN team. You can learn more about the One Love Louisville Ambassador Program here