One Love Louisville Ambassador Program

About the OLL Ambassador Program

Do you want to see change in your neighborhood? Do you want to see a unified community? Could you support conflict resolution and discourage violence in your neighborhood? It is never a question of can you, but will you? 

OLL Ambassador Program

The One Love Louisville Ambassador program encourages community involvement and supports citizen led work toward violence prevention efforts in Louisville. The Ambassador program looks to train interested citizens on mental health first aid, suicide prevention, conflict resolution, community organizing, and the public health approach to violence prevention. One Love Louisville Ambassadors will create a network supporting each other and their neighbors by using their training and skills to host community events that encourage peaceful and supportive communities. By learning and using the trainings, Ambassadors will regularly connect with groups and individuals to promote awareness of violence prevention and promote community interconnection.

Goals for the Ambassador Program

·        Support the development of a unified city that works collaboratively toward violence prevention efforts.
·        Increase knowledge of violence prevention strategies and One Love Louisville.

Project Objectives:

·        Recruit and train Louisville residents in 5 focus areas that will enhance current methods to reduce violence in our city.
·        Assist Ambassadors with hosting community level events geared toward violence prevention.

OLL Ambassador Program

Being an Ambassador is Simple

The Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods believes that we are all Ambassadors and we all have what is needed to change the story of violence in our community.  Therefore, we just need to put our qualities to work.  The process to being a One Love Lou Ambassador happens in 4 easy steps:

Attend an info session – held in multiple places in the city – Coretta will come to you

Make the commitment – Submit a commitment card

Complete the Ambassador Institute: Consists of one day training - The Ambassador Gold Standard: Certificate level training

Close the gap - Your work is defined by you, just take action - Ambassadors are put in touch with office fellows to assist with the engaging process.

It’s never a question of CAN you but WILL you?

Becoming an Ambassador is an important part of supporting neighborhood unity.  Ambassadors are aware of neighborhood needs, informed with strategies, and help change the story for their neighborhood and future generations. You can be the one to make a difference.

If you or someone you know is interested in being a One Love Louisville Ambassador or wants to find out more about getting involved, contact Coretta McAllister at 502-974-3871 or  

Sign up for an orientation session here.


OLL Ambassador Program