Louisville violence reduction: How citizens can help


  • Call 574-LMPD with any crime tips.
  • Participate in community activities at your local Police Division.
  • Donate to the Louisville Police Foundation.



  • Become a mentor:
  • Share resources with your friends, family members and peers
  • Be active in your child’s academic, social and online experiences
  • Share common signs of drug abuse and overdose with your friends, family members and peers
  • Share information about resources to help with addiction
  • Dispose of your prescription drugs safely
  • Hire a SummerWorks employee
  • Attend a Mental Health First Aid course through the Office for Safe & Health Neighborhoods
  • Attend a Conflict Resolution course through the Office for Safe & Healthy Neighborhoods
  • Attend a Bystander Prevention course through the Office for Safe & Healthy Neighborhoods
  • Launch a new business and create jobs using small business resources and support at the Nia Center, 2900 W. Broadway.
  • Build career skills through KentuckianaWorks programs, and encourage others to join you.


  • Become a One Love Louisville Ambassador
  • Partner with local community-based agencies, schools or houses of faith to develop programs and initiatives in your area.
  • Attend a Brightside cleaning in your neighborhood.
  • Join and organize community gatherings that reject violence in our city.
  • Join a neighborhood association or start one if necessary.
  • Frequent minority-owned businesses.



  •  Share information about resources with returning citizens
  • Encourage your neighbors to support returning citizens and develop a network around them

Call 574-1903 or Visit https://louisvilleky.gov/government/safe-neighborhoods for more information