Become an OSHN Cradle to Career VISTA Member

OSHN Cradle to Career VISTA Member

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Job Title: Community Outreach and Volunteer Management VISTA

Directly Reports To: Coordinator for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods


Job Purpose

The Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods (OSHN) VISTA members will increase capacity for OSHN to develop and sustain community led violence prevention efforts utilizing the public health method of violence prevention which aims to combat the root causes of violence including poverty.  This will be achieved through volunteer recruitment, training, and deployment efforts. A training curriculum to be used for ongoing volunteer training will be produced, as well as a volunteer database. VISTA members will work in the California, Russell, Newburg, Shawnee, and Portland neighborhoods to complete community needs assessment, and coordinate monthly community meetings with residents and local partners. As a result of the VISTA members’ service, a greater number of citizens will be trained in violence prevention strategies, resulting in a decrease of preventable deaths.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Coordinate community needs assessment in Zones of Hope neighborhoods i.e. neighborhoods in Louisville that are impacted by high homicide rates, low high school graduation rates, low secondary education attainment and high unemployment rates.

Assess training opportunities in Kentuckiana region related to suicide, overdose, and violence prevention as well as develop a training curriculum to be employed with community members and partners.

Launch volunteer outreach and management strategy, One Love Lou Ambassador Program, to increase community member engagement.



Bachelor's Degree. 

Have a strong desire to work towards creating a safe and healthy city

Willingness to learn new things
Self-starter, motivated and creative
Willingness to learn how to engage and work within various settings (community, government & corporate)
Ability to communicate thoughts, opinions and ideas
Writing and Communications skills
Able to work in a flexible work environment
Strong time management skills


Working Conditions

Flexible working conditions that may require time spent without direct supervision. Some meetings are during evenings and weekends. No Physical Requirements.


Direct reports

Program Coordinator for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods
Director for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods

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