Tips for Dealing with Notices

Revenue Commission Tips for Dealing with Notices


There are many reasons why the Revenue Commission sends correspondence to its taxpayers.  If you receive a notice, it will typically cover a specific issue about your account or tax return.

Notices Mail Piece for Notice Tax Tips are usually sent relating to the following issues:

  • A payment is required and must be submitted.

  • A required tax return has not been filed and needs to be submitted.

  • We are asking you to provide needed information, or

  • We are advising of changes to your tax return or account.

Notices which ask you to make a payment, provide federal schedules, or file Form OL-3 or Form W-1, can be resolved through our E-Services.  

Specific instructions are usually included in the correspondence on how to resolve the issue(s).

  • If you receive a notice advising that we corrected your tax return, review the correspondence and compare it with the information on your return.

    OL-3 Form Image for Notices Tax Tip
  • If you agree with our correction, no reply is necessary unless payment is due or we direct otherwise.

  • If you do not agree with the correction, it is important that you respond as requested. You should send a written explanation of why you disagree and include information and documents to support your response.

  • You should be able to resolve most of the issues identified on any notice you receive.

  • However, if you have questions, you can refer to our website or contact us at the phone number listed on the correspondence. When you call, please have a copy of the correspondence and the applicable tax return readily available.

  • Please remember to keep all copies of correspondence you receive from us with your other tax records.