eMINTS: Third Parties

What is a third party?

A third party is an individual or business, such as an accountant, who can file and/or pay taxes on the behalf of a taxpayer.


Grant third party access to tax account

You can grant a third party access to your eMINTS information under their own eMINTS logon and password. This means they don’t need to maintain multiple eMINTS logon details for each party they represent. You can choose which tax accounts they can access and the account permissions (activities) they can complete for you.

To grant access you’ll both need to be registered for, and using, eMINTS. The Third Party must first create a logon then access their third party access code to give to you. A Third Party locates their code by logging into eMINTS and going to the I Want To section, View third party access code. Third Party access allows them to file bulk items such as bulk returns from a CPA.

To grant third party access:

  1. Logon to eMINTS
  2. Click Grant Third Party Access under the I Want To section and follow the instructions


Create additional account logons 

You can choose this option if you have someone who works for you or acts on your behalf to help with your tax affairs. The new logon (user ID) you create allows them access your eMINTS information. 

* This feature is not available for Third Party logons. 

You can choose the:

  • accounts they can access
  • account permissions (activities) they can complete for you

Under this option, the person you grant access to doesn’t need to be registered for eMINTS.

  1. Logon to eMINTS
  2. Click the Settings hyperlink
  3. Select the Additional logons hyperlink under I Want To in the Profile tab
  4. Click the Add button and follow the instructions to create a new logon


Manage logons 

The Logons tab in the Additional Logons section lists all logons that have access to your account. It lists their logon (user ID), their name, their email, and their access type. To manage a logon:

  1. Click logon name hyperlink
  2. Click Manage Access hyperlink in the I Want To section
  3. Click the access type hyperlink (ex. Account Manager, Administrator, etc.) for the tax account you want to manage
  4. Choose the new Type of Access from the drop down list
  5. Choose the periods associated with that access if applicable
  6. Click Save


Remove third party access

Yes, you can remove a third party’s access by following the steps below.


  1. Log on to eMINTS
  2. Select the Logons tab
  3. Click the third party’s logon name hyperlink
  4. Click Manage Access hyperlink in the I Want To section
  5. Click Cancel Access hyperlink and confirm to remove the third party’s access



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