eMINTS: Registration and Profile Management

Information needed to register a new business in eMINTS

To register you will need the following information:

  • Taxpayer Type (Individual, Partnership, S-Corporation, Estate, etc.)
  • EIN or SSN
  • Legal Name of Business or Individual
  • DBA Name (if applicable)
  • Contact Phone
  • Email Address
  • Fiscal Year End (Year end for individual customer is December)
  • Start Date of Business in Louisville Metro
  • Stop Date of Business in Louisville Metro (if applicable)
  • Primary Business Activity
  • Physical Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Home Address if Individual Filer
  • Account Types to be filed (ex. Employer Withholding, Net Profit, Transient, Insurance)
  • Start Date of each Account Type in Louisville Metro
  • Stop Date of each Account Type

Register a new business in eMINTS

  1. Go to the eMINTS homepage
  2. Under I Want To click Register a New Business
  3. Complete the application by entering the required information

Note:  A logon is created at the end of the registration process. You will receive an email with an authentication code before you are able to log in for the first time.


Add different account tax types (ex. withholding, transient, insurance) to an existing business account

  1. Logon to eMINTS
  2. Under Account tab click the Add an Account subtab
  3. Check the account type(s) to be added
  4. Enter the Louisville Metro start date for each account type
  5. Click Submit
  6. Enter your password
  7. Click Ok


Update name?

  1. Logon to eMINTS
  2. Click the Name and Addresses hyperlink
  3. Click the name you want to update
  4. Click Change this name hyperlink
  5. Change the name to your new legal name
  6. Click Next
  7. Click Submit

Once submitted, Name change submitted is displayed, indicating that the request is pending. The request is also listed under the Submitted tab while pending

Note: Name requests create a work item to be reviewed before publishing to eMINTS.


Update phone number?

  1. Logon to eMINTS
  2. Click the Settings. You will be taken to the Profile tab
  3. Click Edit in the Logon section
  4. Update your phone number
  5. Click Save

Update address?

  1. Login to eMINTS
  2. Click the Names and Addresses tab
  3. Click the address to be updated
  4. Click Change this address hyperlink
  5. Change the address to the new address
  6. Select the Verify Address hyperlink
  7. Select the Verified Address
  8. Click Next
  9. Click Submit

​Close an account

  1. Logon to eMINTS
  2. Under the Accounts tab click the applicable account hyperlink
  3. In the I Want To section, click the Close account hyperlink
  4. Enter the date activity stopped
  5. Choose the reason for closing the account
  6. Click Next
  7. Click Submit
  8. Enter your password as verification to submit the request

Note: Once requested, it appears as a work item for a representative to process

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