eMINTS: Payments

Make a payment

You can make a payment regardless of whether you are logged on or not.

If you are not logged on to eMINTS

  1. Select Make a Payment on eMINTS
  2. Add the payment channel information

                 a. If paying by credit card, choose the credit card button and it directs you to ACI Payments

                 b. After submitting the payment through ACI Payments, go back to eMINTS and click Submit

               3Select save the payment channel for future use, if desired

               4. Choose the payment type

               5. Choose the payment date

               6. Choose if you want to pay the balance or if you want to pay a partial payment

                   a. If you choose to pay a partial payment, a field appears to enter in the amount you are wanting to pay

               Click Submit

               7. Enter your password as verification to submit the request

If you are logged on to eMINTS, you can make a payment by navigating to the appropriate account and click the Make a payment hyperlink in the I Want To section.


Note: eMINTS accepts Pay by e-Check or Pay by Credit Card.


How long will it take for my payment to be applied to my account?

Overnight the payment is processed. The payment may take up to 2 business days to post to the account.

Accepted payment methods

eMINTS currently accepts credit card and electronic check payments.


Create a payment plan

  1. Logon to eMINTS.
  2. Under the I Want To Section click Create a Payment Plan
  3. Enter your bank information
  4. Enter a down payment if applicable
  5. Enter your payment terms
  6. Click Next
  7. Click Print if you’d like a copy of your payment terms
  8. Click Submit


Add, edit or remove a payment channel

  1. Logon to eMINTS
  2. Click Settings 
  3. Click Payment Channels tab link
  4. Click Setup new payment channel or select the hyper link for the payment channel you wish to change

To remove a payment channel, click into that payment channel and click the Remove Payment channel link


Fees associated with making a payment online

There is no fee associated with making an electronic check payment via eMINTS. There is a fee to make a credit card payment.


Cancel a payment 

If you find that you made a payment in error, you can easily cancel a payment before it is processed

  1. From the Account Screen, click Manage payment and returns under the I Want To section
  2. Use the drop do boxes under the Show section to highlight Payments and Pending. The payments tab below will filter all periods which you have a pending payment
  3. Click the Pending hyperlink for the period which you wish to cancel the payment
  4. Click the Cancel Payment hyperlink under the I Want To section
  5. Click the Yes button in the pop window

View my balance

The balance of all of your accounts is displayed in the top left corner of the home page upon logging into eMINTS. To see the balance of a specific account, view the account details in the Accounts tab.

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