eMINTS Information

What is eMINTS?

eMINTS is the Revenue Commission's new online taxpayer portal. Visit eMints now.

E-Mints - Metro Integrated Tax System

Easy Access to Your Account

  • Obtain balances for tax periods
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Use mobile device
  • Update account information

Enhanced Filing Options

  • File all tax types online
  • Create payment plans
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Request an extension

Tax Preparer Access

  • Grant accountant or payroll provider access 
  • Add additional users with various account levels

Direct Deposit Refunds

  • Request employee refund online
  • Receive tax refunds via bank deposit

Secure Payments

  • Free e-check service
  • Credit card payments via 3rd party partner

Paperless Options

  • Opt in to go green correspondence
  • Send us a message 24/7


Other Things to Know

When and how will I create a logon to eMINTS?
Once eMINTS goes live in July, letters from the Revenue Commission will contain a notice ID you can use to create an eMINTS logon. 


Can I use my current LMRC account number?
Your existing six digit Revenue Commission ID will be converted to a 10 digit customer ID for the new system.  As long as you know your FID/SSN or current ID number we can assist you.


Are any specifications changing for bulk uploads? 
Yes, new specs are being created and will be added to our forms and publications page.