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617 W. Jefferson Street 
Louisville, KY 40202-2767




Office: (502) 574-4860

We're available from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST, Mon - Fri, except when we observe a Louisville Metro holiday.  See the Holidays listed below.



Contact information for each of our divisions is listed below:

General Tax Information - Call:  (502) 574-4860
  • Acquire a Registration Tax Account Number for a new business

  • Report an address change

  • Find out who is subject to various taxes

  • Inquire about an Occupational License Tax Return (Form OL-3)

  • Inquire about an Employer’s Quarterly Return of Occupational License Taxes Withheld (Form W-1)

  • Inquire about a Monthly Transient Room Tax Return (Form TR1M)

  • Inquire about a Louisville Metro Quarterly Insurance Premiums Tax Return (Form LGT-141)

  • Inquire about an Annual Federal Employee Occupational License Tax Return (Form I-2)

  • Discuss 'delinquent' tax accounts

  • Inquire about a Truck License Fee for any vehicle over 10,001 lbs. and under 73,280 lbs.

Taxpayer Audit Division - Call:  (502) 574-4925
  • Inquire about any matter related to the auditing of a taxpayer's return​

Taxpayer Audit Discovery - Call: (502) 574-4829


Taxpayer Assurance - Call: (502) 574-4839
Legal Division - Call:  (502) 574-4939
  • Set up a payment plan

  • Inquire about a bankruptcy case

  • Inquire about a civil case


Holidays observed by the Louisville Metro Revenue Commission

 New Year's Day

 January 1st

 Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday

 Third Monday in January

 Memorial Day

 Last Monday in May

 Independence Day

 July 4th

 Labor Day

 1st Monday in September

 Thanksgiving Day

 4th Thursday in November

 Friday After Thanksgiving

 Friday After Thanksgiving

 Christmas Day

 December 25th