Utility Empowerment Program

The Utility Empowerment Program provides an opportunity for low-income households in delinquency with the Louisville Water Company to arrange a repayment plan to satisfy outstanding debt. Past due water bill balances can be restructured and spread out over 6-12 months. Participants will engage in a financial empowerment session and will have opportunities to earn incentives for successful participation and program completion.

Eligibility: Jefferson County, KY resident with a household income within 125% of the federal poverty guidelines; a past due delinquent balance with the Louisville Water Company; and monthly income which can support repayment of that delinquency.

Intake Procedure: Email [email protected] or call 574-7301.

Documentation Required:

Photo ID
Proof of monthly income for entire household; income must demonstrate capability to repay delinquent balance.
Social security number verification for everyone in household
Proof of past due balance with the Louisville Water Company

Joi Boyd and UEP clientSuccess Story

The Resilience and Community Services’ team congratulates Charlotte pictured on the left, along with Community Services' team member, Joi Boyd.  Charlotte was able to work out a budget and payment plan that got her account with the Louisville Water Company down to a zero balance.

I am so grateful for all of the help and sincere care extended to me during my time in Community Services’ Utility Empowerment Program.  My Program Coordinator, Mrs. Joi Boyd, was so supportive in her attempt to help me get enrolled, maintain and finally complete the process of the program.

One thing I was empowered to know was that I could not only pay my water bill bi-monthly, but I could pay it monthly and always be ahead."

Sincerely, Charlotte.


Louisville Water Company