The Louisville Children’s Savings (LCS) Program was launched towards the end of the 2016-2017 scyhool year. The goal is to engage kindergarteners, and their parents, in the three elementary schools located in the Russell Neighborhood - at Byck, Coleridge-Taylor, and Roosevelt Perry – in a college savings program that includes supporting parents as they establish a plan to send their child to college.  This college savings program is comprised of two accounts – the LCS SEED Account and the LCS DREAM Account.  The LCS SEED Account will be started and maintained by the LCS Program.  The LCS DREAM Account will be where parents and others can make deposits for a specific kindergartener.

Inspired by similar efforts across the United States, Mayor Fischer hopes to eventually expand the LCS Program throughout the entire Jefferson County Public School System.  This school year, 230 kindergarten students will have a LCS SEED Account held in their name in the amount of $100 with a plan to help parents grow that money through their child’s first grade through direct contributions to a LCS DREAM Account and through earned incentives.

Teach Children to Save Day

In celebration of Financial Literacy Month, Eric Friedlander - the city's new Chief Resilience Officer and Tina Lentz, Executive Administrator, Advocacy and Empowerment Division- joined U.S. Bank volunteers in participating in Teach Children to Save Day at Byck Elementary and Coleridge-Taylor.

Byck Elementary pictures

Coleridge-Taylor pictures