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  • Why Register as a Partnering Site with RSVP?
    • First, because Louisville Metro RSVP staff promise to work diligently to create and maintain a mutually beneficial partnership in service to your agency’s volunteer needs and the RSVP member volunteers who will serve your clients.
    • Next, it’s FREE! Louisville Metro RSVP does not charge any fees for this partnership and we offer additional things that you can value – all in exchange for the minimal staff time involved with RSVP members’ and site documentation as required by the federally-funded grant and our local sponsor
    • RSVP enhances your PR and volunteer recruitment exposure with inclusions in our newsletters, brochure packets, in presentations by staff and volunteers and more. Your agency is included on our web site and in our print catalog for one-stop “shopping” for potential volunteers.
    • We support our members with free supplemental accident, life and liability insurance that includes limited reimbursement for dental and eyeglasses repair if injured while serving. (View the insurance brochure)
    • RSVP increases your opportunity to honor the work of your community volunteers as we include them with invitations to our volunteer recognition and/or training activities.
    • Your partnership with RSVP allows us (together) to tell the story of today’s retirees. The better we can track seniors’ involvement, in an organized way on a local level and, by extension, a national level, the more we dispel the myths surrounding aging.
    • RSVP, as a national network of over 500,000 volunteers and 775 projects, is positioned and viewed by funding sources (governmental and private) as an expert on and advocate for senior volunteerism in our country. Your agency becomes part of the equation and picture for supporting volunteerism!


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