Plans, Reports and External Funding




Resilience and Community Services’ programs and services are funded through a combination of federal, state and private grants as well as by local taxpayer dollars.

Community Services Strategic Action Plan

CSBG Annual Plan for 2019-20 (Draft)

CSBG Annual Plan for 2018-19

CSBG Annual Plan for 2017-18

CSBG Annual Plan for 2016-17

CSBG Annual Plan for 2015-16

CSBG Annual Plan for 2014-15

CSBG Annual Plan for 2013-14

CSBG Annual Plan for 2012-13


2020 Community Needs Assessment Survey

Resilience and Community Services’ Annual Needs Assessment Survey for 2020 is now open.  Please take a moment to complete this brief but important survey by March 2, 2020.

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701 W. Ormsby Ave., Suite 201 Louisville, KY 40203

Una versión en papel de esta encuesta está disponible en español. Para acceder, visite Por favor devuelva la encuesta completada en papel a esta dirección 701 W. Ormsby Ave., Suite 201.

“Une version écrite de ce sondage est disponible en français  Pour accéder au document, visiter  S'il vous plaît retourner les sondages écrits lorsque compléter au 701 W. Ormsby Ave., Suite 201”



Annual Reports

Each year Resilience and Community Services compiles an annual report to share with the community which highlights our department’s outcomes and accomplishments.

FY18-19 Resilience and Community Services Annual Report (pdf format)

FY18-19 Resilience and Community Services Annual Report (flipbook format)

FY17-18 Resilience and Community Services Annual Report (pdf format)

FY17-18 Resilience and Community Services Annual Report (flipbook format)

FY 16-17 Community Services Annual Report

FY 15-16 Community Services Annual Report

FY 14-15 Community Services Annual Report

FY13-14 Community Services Annual Report

FY12-13 Community Services and Revitalization Annual Report

2012 Community Services and Revitalization Review


Homeless Encampment Task Force and  Homeless Initiatives Reports

Louisville's Homeless Encampment Task Force, Year-End Report December 2018

Louuisville's Unsheltered Homeless Initiatives (FY19 Surplus Funding Report and FY20 Recommendations)

Louisville's 2019-2020 Unsheltered Homeless Intiatives Report (FY19 Surplus Funding Outcomes and FY20 Homeless Intiative Recipient Funding and Plan)

Louisville's FY2020 Unsheltered Homeless Initiatives Report - Period One (September 1 - December 31, 2019)

U of L's Solving Street Homelessness in Louisville, KY:  Improving the Climate of Care for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness:  June 11, 2019


Other Reports

2008 Kentucky State Auditors Report

Resilient Louisville, Louisville's Resilience Strategy


Grants to Local Non-Profit Agencies (External Agency Funding or EAF)

Louisville Metro External Agency Funds are Louisville Metro General Funded grants awarded to non-profit organizations offering programs or services that advance the long-range vision and goals established by Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government. The Office of Resilience and Community Services monitors grant funding for Metro Louisville programs and external agencies:


Grants to Local Non-Profit Agencies (EAF)