Microbusiness Program

The Louisville Metro Office of Resilience and Community Services (RCS) offers the Microbusiness Development Program which helps low and moderate income individuals start a microbusiness or improve a existing one. The Microbusiness Program includes training, technical assistance and an opportunity to apply for a loan. A microbusiness employs five or fewer people, including the owner (See the Program Eligibility section below to find out if your business qualifies for services).



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You can make your Microbusiness loan payment online!

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Loan Program 

Many microbusinesses have little or no access to the commercial banking sector. RCS has created a revolving micro-loan program. The loans can be financed up to six years with a preference towards shorter-term loans. The repayment period will begin 30 days after the loan closing. 

There are three programs available:

  • The Ignite Loan Program is for businesses that have been open for at least one year. The loans range from $5,000 to $15,000, with an interest rate of 4%.
  • The Spark Loan Program is for start-up businesses or businesses that have been open for less than one year. The loans range from $500 to $4,999, with 0% interest.
  •  Micro-Mini Loans are available up to $500. Click here to see the credit builder loan qualifications.​


Training and Event Offerings

  • Exploring Entrepreneurship is a free, 1-hour workshop introducing self-employment and small business resources. Workshops are held the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. 
  • Money Smart for Small Business Series comprise of sessions where aspiring business owners can learn about credit reporting, managing cash flow, and time management. (This series has concluded for 2019. Please check back soon for more offerings)f
  • Lunch & Learn Sessions discuss some federally recognized certifications and programs including Women-Owned Small Business Program, Veteran-Owned Small Business Program, and more! 
  • Entrepreneurship Fundamentals is a free, six-week series offered by RCS. It teaches the basic steps of writing a business plan and starting a business. Call Shavonda Pasha for more information. 502.574.7303.
  • Free Professional Financial Coaching. Call Joi E. Boyd at 502-574-7301. Find the program website here.



Assistance and Outreach

The RCS microbusiness team provides assistance to business owners. Outreach services strengthen the assistance to small businesses through strategic partnerships in the small business community. RCS works with organizations like Louisville Forward, Small Business Administration, SCORE, Apprisen, and others in Louisville to assist small businesses. Services include:

  • Assessment of Business Plans
  • Business Coaching
  • Client Referrals
  • Community Events and Networking
  • Business Workshops



Program Eligibility
Individuals or businesses that qualify for the program include:

  • Businesses that employ five or fewer employees including the owner.
  • The business must be located within Louisville/Jefferson County and the owner(s) must also live in Louisville.
  • The business owner’s household income must fall at or below 80% of Area Median Income (AMI).


How many people live in your house? Count adults and children.

This is the maximum household income you can have before taxes in a year. Count all working adults (18 and older).


(just you)


($3565 a month; $1782 every 2 weeks)


(you and 1 other person)


($4075 a month; $2037 every 2 weeks)


(you and 2 other people)


($4583 a month; $2291 every 2 weeks)


(you and 3 other people)


($5091 a month; $2545 every 2 weeks)


(you and 4 other people)


($5500 a month; $2750 every 2 weeks)


(you and 5 other people)


($5908 a month; $2954 every 2 weeks)


(you and 6 other people)


($6316 a month; $3158 every 2 weeks)


(you and 7 other people)


($6725 a month; $3362 every 2 weeks)


Contact Us
For more information, email Mary Simmons or Shavonda Pasha