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in the loup“In the LOUp”: Tuesdays between 2-2:30 p.m. on WLOU radio 1350AM and 104.7FM


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“In the LOUp” presents helpful information and resources provided by Louisville Metro Government and our partnering agencies. This program encourages active participation from all of our residents by covering a wide variety of tips, tools, resources, events, and so much more. The last half of the show invites listeners to call in to discuss “the topic of the day” with our featured guests.

Before our mid-show break, our host, Debbie Belt, who is the Public Information Specialist with RCS and our guests present the topic and exchange information with each other to keep our Louisville listeners in the loop. During the last half of the program, the phone lines are open to take questions from you at 776-1350!

*The views expressed by show hosts, guests and the callers are not necessarily those of the station, or Louisville Metro Government.


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