Louisville Metro Government Budget Challenges

Weighing service cuts versus a tax increase

Louisville Metro Council faces a difficult task deciding how to tackle a $65 million budget gap over the next four years related primarily to Louisville's state mandated pensin obligations.

The basic choices on the table are big cuts in services, an increase in the insurance tax, or some combination of the two.





The potential cuts outlined for the Office of Resilience and Community Services in FY20 (with additional cuts in subsequent years) include:

  • Eliminating two of eight Neighborhood Pace locations (Charmoli Center Neighborhood Place located at the East Government Center and Neighborhood Place NorthWest at the Academy of Shawnee
  • No funding for efforts to reduce homelessness
  • Eliminating external agency funds (EAFs) for social and community services
  • Decreasing community ministries funding by $550,000 will significantly decrease Louisville’s safety net programs that help individuals and families prevent homelessness and respond to unexpected crisis unraveling their lives.
  • Decreasing access to nutritional meals for older adults by decreasing funding for partner organizations that administer Meals on Wheels or host a congregate meal site for seniors.

The Metro Council Budget Committee is expected to vote March 14 on the proposed tax increase, followed by an anticipated March 21 vote by the full council on the heels of two recent public hearings.
Citizens are urged to contact council members and offer input to this process.

Visit www.louisvilleky.gov/budgetFY1920  for an overview of the following :