Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping within the Urban Services District is scheduled from March through November, weather permitting. During this period, city street sweeping services are provided to curbed and uncurbed residential streets and to the Central Business District. 

  • Residents who have signed up for Street Sweeping Alerts will receive an alert one week prior to Street Sweeping being conducted in their general area. A second alert will be sent one day prior to the actual sweeping of their street. 
  • "No Parking" signs will be posted prior to 12 p.m. on the business day before street sweeping will occur. Residents should not park on designated streets 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. even if it appears a street has been swept because the street sweepers may return.
  • No Parking Zones cover both sides of the street even though signs may be posted on only one side of the street. Vehicles parked on streets scheduled for cleaning are subject to citation and/or towing. 
  • Street Sweeping will be conducted each day on either east/west bound streets or north/south bound streets to allow residents to find alternate parking. 
  • Residents are prohibited from blowing leaves out of their yards and sidewalks onto a public roadway in accordance with City Ordinance 97.071. Those in violation of this ordinance may have the areas in front of their residence omitted from being swept because street sweeping vehicles are not designed to collect large amounts of leaves. 


Why is street sweeping important? It helps remove debris from the gutter and roadsides that would otherwise go into storm drains, causing water pollution. 


City Ordinance 72.037: Parking Restricted to Allow Street Cleaning

The Director of Public Works and Solid Waste Management Services is authorized to designate daily street sweeping areas for cleaning. The Director shall post suitable "No Parking" signs on the street to be cleaned the day prior to its cleaning. Vehicles parked on a posted street on the designated cleaning day is in violation of this ordinance and a citation to include a civil fine of not less that $20 and not more than $100. For more information on parking ordinances and paying or appealing parking tickets, contact the Parking Authority (PARC)

City Ordinance 72.128: Impoundment of Vehicles Improperly Parked

In addition to civil citation and fines, Metro Louisville Government may impound a motor vehicle parked, stopped, or standing upon a street or public way in violation of the ordinance for prohibiting parking. Louisville Metro may condition the release of an impounded vehicle upon the payment of any outstanding unpaid citations, towing, handling, and storage charges imposed, unless the owner or other person entitled to possession challenges the validity of the impoundment pursuant to City Ordinance 72.129. A vehicle may be released to the owner or other person entitled to possession only upon proof of ownership or right to possession. 

City Ordinance 97.071 (2) and (3): Removal of Materials on Public Roadways

No person shall dump, spill, deposit or track any foreign matter (bricks, stones, dirt, sand, gravel, leaves or other litter) on any public roadways. Any person who violates this provision shall be liable for cost of removal. For disposal of falling leaves and other yard waste matter, residents should refer to the Yard Waste Guidelines

Street Sweeper

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