Order a Garbage or Recycling Cart

Waiting for a garbage cart?

Residents in need of a garbage cart may place bagged garbage in a 30-40-gallon store-bought container with two handles and a lid that is marked GARBAGE. Stickers are available at the Metro Solid Waste office at 600 Meriwether Avenue open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Garbage may only be set out in this modified container while a Metro-issued garbage cart is not available. The store-bought container could then be relabeled and used for yard waste or recycling.

Waiting for a recycling cart?

Residents in need of a recycling cart may place recyclables in a 30-40-gallon store-bought container with two handles and a lid that is marked RECYCLING. Stickers are available at the Metro Solid Waste office at 600 Meriwether Avenue open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Recycling may continue to be set out in this modified container alongside a Metro-issued recycling cart if needed for overflow.


Cart Information for Residents:

Households with city waste services may receive one garbage cart and one recycling cart for free. Additional or replacement carts must be purchased. (Limit 3 total carts.) Some Metro Council Districts offer a discount for recycling cart purchases. These discounts may not be applied to online orders. Garbage carts are currently not available for purchase.

Cart Information for Businesses:

Small businesses with city waste services may receive two carts (one garbage and one recycling or two garbage) for free. Additional or replacement carts must be purchased. (Limit 4 total carts.) If your business is in the Central Business District downtown follow these guidelines

Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery or repair. Deliveries and repairs are completed on collection day for the address.

As of February 1, 2023 - 95-gallon garbage carts are out of stock.



Get started:



Contact Metro311 online or call 311 or (502) 574-5000 if:

  • You have just moved into a residence or business and there is no garbage cart or recycling cart.
  • Your garbage or recycling cart needs to be repaired or replaced. 


  • Position the cart so that the handle faces away from the street/alley.
  • Cart must be positioned at the edge of the curb or alley and at least three feet away from other carts, walls, buildings, poles, etc.—do not block sidewalks.
  • Do not overload the cart (maximum load 200 lbs).
  • No household garbage outside the cart.
  • Garbage Outside of Cart
  • Do not place hot ashes, flammable liquids, construction debris, hazardous waste, dirt or rocks in the cart.
  • Do not put yard waste in the cart.  Yard Waste Disposal Guidelines
  • Remove the cart from curb or alley when emptied.
  • Wash the cart periodically with soap and water.
  • Keep the lid closed to keep odor and litter in and animals out.



  • Citizen must provide name, address, daytime phone number, cart serial number, description of damage (if applicable), and cart size.
  • Garbage carts will be repaired on your garbage day and recycling carts will be repaired on recycling day. 
  • The Department of Public Works is not responsible for the replacement of carts that are lost or stolen.


  • There will be a charge of $60 plus 6% tax for an additional 95-gallon cart and $55 plus 6% tax for a 65-gallon cart. 
  • Citizens are strongly urged to completely use the space in the first cart before putting waste into additional carts.


Exchange a 95-gallon cart for a smaller 65-gallon cart through Metro311 or 502-574-5000.


If a citizen is physically incapable of using the city's roll-out garbage cart, a variance may be requested through Metro311 or 502-574-5000.

  • Citizen will be mailed a form to complete.
  • Citizen will be required to provide proof of physical disability (written doctor's statement).
  • If granted an exemption for physical disability, citizen may set garbage out in a garbage can with lid.
  • Exemption requests based on setout site features will require verification by staff.

If you have received a variance from using a roll-out cart:

  • Garbage must be set out in cans no larger than 40 gallons with two lifting handles and a tightly fitting lid.
  • Garbage outside of cans will NOT be accepted.
  • When filled, the can must weigh no more than 60 pounds and be easily lifted by the average person.
  • There is no limit to the number of cans that residents may set out for collection.
  • Collection guidelines for residents with an exemption are the same as those for the carts (listed above). 



Watch this Know Waste webinar to learn more about Louisville's waste collection system:


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