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Large Item Pickup 

Learn about curbside collection of large items.


Learn how to dispose of truckloads of tree debris, construction material, or large items.

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Remodeling? Read this first

Don't start the demolition process without planning for disposal.


Large Item Pickup
Large Item Pickup by appointment is available in the Urban Services District. Quickly get rid of up to four large items, once per week, by simply making an appointment. This means plenty of opportunities to dispose of large items and improved neighborhood cleanliness!
What is a large item?

A large item is something you want to throw away, but it’s too large to fit inside your garbage cart. Examples: couch, table, mattress, toilet, etc. A large item is NOT a large pile of small items and debris. Small items, even if they are bagged or boxed, tend to get scattered, leaving litter all around. Place these items in your weekly garbage collection or donate or recycle when possible.

Can I set out bags and boxes of small items?

No, bags and boxes of small items are not accepted in Large Item Pickup because they tend to get scattered, leaving litter all around and they are not collected efficiently in this system. Place these items in your weekly garbage collection or donate or recycle when possible. 

How many large items can I set out?

You can schedule a pickup for up to four large items. 

What CANNOT be set out for Large Item Pickup?
Should I break down my large items into smaller pieces?

No. If items are broken into smaller pieces that fit into a garbage cart, they will not be collected. A pile of lumber or debris will not be collected. It is best to keep a large item intact. If a large item is in multiple large pieces (sectional couch, bed frame, etc.) it can still count as one item.

When and where should I set out the large items?

After scheduling an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with the date of your appointment. Set out your confirmed items in the same location as garbage collection after 4 p.m. the day before your appointment and by 6 a.m. the day of your appointment.

How often can I schedule a pickup?

You can schedule an appointment up to once per week.

Can I make an appointment for someone else?

Anyone can make an online appointment for any address within the service area – but an email address is required. If a resident is making an appointment for another address, they must be in communication with that resident so they can share the information listed in the confirmation email. If a resident makes an appointment for another address and is NOT in communication with that resident, then the staff’s education process will be hindered. Overall, it is best for residents to only make appointments for their own address. Report that someone set out items without an appointment through Metro311 - report under "Trash Complaints and Violations" and "Waste Violation."

How do I report that someone set out items without an appointment?

Report a large item setout violation through Metro311 under "Trash Complaints and Violations" and "Waste Violation."

Making an appointment is easy! Follow these 3 steps:
1. CHECK to see if your items are still usable or accepted in the collection system. If your items are still usable, try donating, giving away, or selling instead!
  • Nextdoor offers a FREE option when listing an item for sale. Your neighbors love free stuff!
  • Habitat ReStore accepts all kinds of furniture and building materials. Check their website to learn what they accept and how to schedule a pickup.
  • Check with your local GoodwillSt. Vincent de Paul, Catholic Charities, or other thrift store about donations and pickups.

If your items are not usable, make sure they are accepted for Large Item Pickup. All items must come from the household where they are set out.

2. CLICK to schedule an appointment

You'll receive a PENDING email that lets you know your request was received and a pending appointment date (typically within 5 days). If you listed an unacceptable item, you will be notified by email. Two days before your appointment, you'll receive a CONFIRMATION email showing the date and approved items. 

3. SET OUT your approved items the day before your appointment date. 

  • Do not disassemble items. Keep items intact as a large item for efficient removal. Do not leave small pieces/shelves/drawers loose on the ground. They should be placed in your garbage cart or placed back inside the item.
  • Items should be placed in the same location as garbage collection.
  • Items blocked by a vehicle will not be collected. Keep items clear of other objects and do not block sidewalks or streets.


If you live outside of the Urban Services District, contact your waste hauler for information about large item collection.



Accepted Items for Large Item Pickup

Furniture & Household Items

Couch, chair, table, buffet, bed, dresser, box spring, mattress, floor lamp, crib, playhouses, carpet roll, etc.

Image of furniture and household items
Metal Items

Washers, dryer, stoves, hot water tanks, bicycles, bed frames, etc. (No refrigerators or other items containing or once containing Freon.)

metal appliance


Up to 4 tires per household. Must be separate from other items.


Items NOT accepted in Large Item Pickup

Small items - loose, bagged, or boxed.

Dispose in weekly garbage collection or recycle or donate if possible.

bags of trash

Construction & Demolition Waste

Lumber, drywall, flooring - these items can be disposed at the Waste Reduction Center (fees apply). 

Concrete, bricks, & rocks - These items can be disposed at a facility specializing in this type of waste. The Waste Reduction Center does not accept concrete, bricks, shingles, or rocks.


construction debris


Yard Waste & Tree Debris

Use weekly yard waste collection for limbs and tree trimmings that meet the yard waste guidelines. Yard waste and tree debris not meeting the guidelines can be taken to the Waste Reduction Center (fees apply).

Yard waste

Electronic Waste

Recycle TVs and other electronic devices at the Waste Reduction Center. Fees apply for loads exceeding the three item limit.

Electronic waste

Household Hazardous Waste

Motor oil, batteries, paint, gasoline, antifreeze, light bulbs, chemicals and other household hazardous waste may be dropped off at Haz Bin, 7501 Grade Lane.

Household hazardous waste

Items containing or once containing Freon

Refrigerators, air conditioners, and other items containing or once containing Freon may be disposed of at the Waste Reduction Center. Fees apply to loads exceeding the four item limit.


Old refrigerator

Automotive Parts

Including boats, motorcycles, and mopeds. 



Plan ahead for disposal!

Renovating or remodeling? Don't start the demolition process until you make a plan for disposing of the resulting debris. Construction and demolition debris are prohibited by ordinance in Louisville garbage and large item collection. Collection crews will mark the material and leave a notice at the residence. So, what can you do with construction debris?

One option for disposing of construction and demolition debris is to haul it to our Waste Reduction Center on Meriwether Avenue. Fees are variable depending on size of vehicle or trailer. 

A second option for large volumes of debris is to hire a hauling company. Often, a pickup truck can get the job done in a single trip. For even larger volumes, some hauling companies will drop off a large dumpster at your home and then retrieve it after you're done filling it.

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