Right of Way

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Criteria for Right of Way Closure
Right of Way permits include construction within the Right of Way, as well as temporary fixtures such as dumpsters, PODS and lane closures. 
This checklist includes all information that must be included with applications

  • Place Objects in the Right of Way
    • Benches
    • Street Furniture Ordinance
    • Street Furniture Application
    • Adjacent Property Owner Permission Form
    • Sample Maintenance Agreement
  • Accessible Parking Zone Criteria and Application
  • Criteria for License Agreement
  • License Agreement Form
  • Encroachment Permit Application
  • Long Term Encroachment Permit
  • Loading Zone Guidelines and Application for Businesses and Corporations
  • Plan Review Approval Form
  • Street Banner Guidelines and Application 

What is a Right-of-Way Obstruction?

Any structure that may prevent or impede the full and free use by the public of the entire sidewalk, street, alley, or public way (right of way).  Some examples of right-of-way obstructions:  basketball goals left on the curb line, concrete pyramids, piles of brush, items being sold, political/advertising signs, trees, shrubs, retaining walls, cars parked in the right of way, and any obstructions to cross visibility. 

Who is Responsible for Maintaining Right-of-Way?

The abutting property owner is responsible for maintaining the area from the centerline of the roadway to the back side of the property, which includes to the centerline of the alley way if one is present.

What happens when a Right-Of-Way Obstruction is reported to Metro311?

A public works inspector will inspect the site and determine if there is indeed an obstruction. If not considered to be an emergency, a certified letter will be sent to the property owner informing them of this obstruction.  If the obstruction is not removed in a timely fashion Public Works can remove it. 

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