Pop-Up Drop-Off Waste Disposal Events

Pop-Up Drop-Offs are free recycling and large item disposal events for residents of Jefferson County. 

Tip #1: Do not arrive early! All Pop-Up Drop-Off events start at 10 a.m. A line of vehicles causes traffic backups and prevents our equipment from entering.

Tip #2: Only bring sensitive documents to be shredded! The line for shredding is usually the longest. We have seen catalogs, paperback books, etc. being shredded, which is unnecessary and takes up valuable time.

Tip #3: Make sure no items are mixed with your documents! We've seen hammers, scissors, and toys mixed in with documents. These contaminants can break the shredding truck's equipment! 

Tip #4: Try giving away usable items first! We see a LOT of decent items being trashed or recycled at our events. Some residents even offer these items to workers - staff is not allowed to keep items. Please try to donate or give away BEFORE coming to our waste and recycling event.

Tip #5: Loads of construction materials, lumber, and loose debris are NOT allowed! Take these loads to the Waste Reduction Center at 636 Meriwether Ave instead. Pop-Up Drop-Off events are very popular - please follow the rules so we can keep the line moving.

Tip #6: Separate your loads into the various categories! More can be recycled and the line moves faster when you are ready to offload your items at each station. 

Tip #7: Check-in staff will ask for your zip code and which types of items you brought. We track this information so we can keep improving our events. Most residents bring large items, electronics, and documents for shredding. Other categories include metal (or mostly metal) items, tires, yard waste, household recyclables, prescription medication, and shoes. 


2024 Pop-Up Drop-Off Schedule 
All events are 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. on a Saturday. Please do not arrive early. Vehicles waiting cause traffic backups.
March 16, 2024Metro Fleet Services, 3515 Newburg Rd
April 6, 2024Sun Valley Park 10401 Lower River Rd/Ashby Lane Baptist, 6617 Ashby Ln
May 11, 2024UofL Shelby Campus, 440 N Whittington Pkwy
June 15, 2024Doss High School, 7601 St Andrews Church Rd
July 20, 2024Fern Creek High/Elementary, enter at 8815 Ferndale Rd
August 24, 2024Metro Fleet Services, 3515 Newburg Rd
September 28, 2024Sun Valley Park 10401 Lower River Rd/Ashby Lane Baptist, 6617 Ashby Ln
October 19, 2024UofL Shelby Campus, 440 N Whittington Pkwy
November 16, 2024Shawnee Park 




Pop-Up Drop-Off


Accepted Items: 

  • Up to 3 electronic items (recycled)
  • Metal & appliances - no refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers or any items containing Freon (recycled) 
  • Up to 4 passenger tires (recycled)
  • Household recyclables, follow curbside rules (recycled)
  • Yard waste, follow curbside rules, wooden pallets (composted)
  • Large household items (landfilled) 
  • Documents for shredding (recycled)
  • Prescription medication (disposed properly)
  • Gently used shoes will be collected for WaterStep - every 3 pairs of shoes collected provides safe water for 1 person for life!

Items must already be separated into categories for easy off-loading so as much can be recycled as possible.

Not Accepted:

  • Garbage, loose debris (use curbside garbage collection or take to landfill)
  • Concrete, bricks, rocks
  • Construction debris (take to Waste Reduction Center, fees apply)
  • Refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, or items containing Freon (take to Waste Reduction Center or metal recycling facility)
  • Latex paint (disposal information)
  • Batteries, light bulbs, oil-based paint, varnishes, stains, and other household hazardous waste (take to Haz Bin)
  • Tree trunks  
  • Boats, hot tubs
  • Items from businesses
  • Trailers greater than 10 feet in length (larger loads can be taken to the Waste Reduction Center)
Detailed list of acceptable items in each category (Every possible item is not listed, so use this list as a guide.)
View the 2023 Pop-Up Drop-Off Report
What are Pop-Up Drop-Off events?

Pop-Up Drop-Off events are recycling and large item disposal events free to residents of Jefferson County. They are funded through a partnership between the Department of Public Works, the Louisville/Jefferson County Waste Management District, and Metro Council. 

How often do the events occur?

The events are once per month, generally March – November.

What types of items can residents drop off?

Residents can drop off large household items/bulky waste, up to 3 electronic devices, scrap metal, bundled yard waste, up to 4 tires, household recyclables, prescription medication (collected on site by Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department), and documents for shredding (shredded on site by a vendor).

How much of the material is recycled?

All items are recycled except the bulky waste (which is landfilled) and the prescription medication (which is incinerated). Historically, all waste from “junk drop-off” events was sent to the landfill. The Pop-Up Drop-Off events are different because residents must separate their loads into the various categories. By setting up the events this way, much of the material can be recycled and kept out of the landfill. In 2022, 46.8% of the material dropped off was diverted from the landfill.

These events are sponsored by: 

Department of Public Works and Assets (Louisville/Jefferson County Waste Management District in partnership with Solid Waste Management Services Division) and Metro Council.

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