Map of Recycling Locations in Louisville

Map Legend (Also see address list below map):
Blue Self-Service Recycling Drop Off Locations - Accepted items
Green Full Service Recycling Drop Off Locations - Accepted items PLUS used cooking oil, motor oil and filters, antifreeze, latex paint (seasonally)
Orange Waste Reduction Center - Accepted items and fees
Yellow Hazardous Waste Drop Off Location - Accepted items

Self-Service Recycling Drop-Off Locations

Beechmont Community Center

205 W. Wellington Avenue

Louisville Fire Station
3228 River Park Drive

Louisville Fire Station
235 East Jefferson Street

Mary T. Meagher Park
201 Reservoir Ave

Louisville Fire Station
1500 South 6th Street, (8AM-8PM)

Fairdale Library
10618 W Manslick Road

Fern Creek Fire Station
7700 Routt Road

Middletown Fire Station
108 Urton Lane

A.B. Sawyer Park
9200 Whipps Mill Road

Louisville Fire Station
2900 Hikes Lane

Cyril Allgeier Community Center
4107 Cadillac Court

Bowman Field Drivers License Branch
3501 Roger E. Schupp Street

Louisville Fire Station
4535 Manslick Road, (8AM-8PM)

Sun Valley Community Center
6505 Bethany Lane

Full-Service Recycling Drop-Off Locations
Open Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Holidays may affect the hours.)

Southwest Government Center
7219 Dixie Highway

Central Government Center
7201 Outer Loop

East District Public Works
560 N. Hubbards Lane

Waste Reduction Center - 636 Meriwether Avenue

Hazardous Waste Drop Off Bin - 7501 Grade Lane