Love 'Em and Leave 'Em Louisville

Love 'Em and Leave 'Em (LELE) is the practice of using your yard waste to fertilize and make your yard greener and healthier with better drainage and fewer weeds.

LELE Tips & Tricks:

Adjust mower height


Set your mower to maximum height. Follow the one-third rule: never cut more than one-third of the total height of the grass when you mow.




Don't bag grass clippings


Don't bag those clippings! Leaves and grass break down rapidly, releasing nutrients back into your soil. 




Mulch grass and leaves


Mulch leaves and landscape trimmings into your lawn. Mow over landscape trimmings and leaves without a grass catcher. To avoid hazards while mowing, make sure trimmings are no larger than a pencil.



Try composting!


Start composting! With your own compost bin or pile you can recycle food scraps and yard waste into usable compost for your flower beds, gardens, potted plants, or other landscaping. More information




Watch our Know Waste Webinar about Love 'em & Leave 'em practices:



If you DO use yard waste collection services, be sure to follow the guidelines!

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