Illegal Dumping

Illegally dumped trash is more than just an eyesore! It is expensive to clean up, it negatively impacts our quality of life and economic development, and the plastic debris may end up in our waterways and oceans. 

It is unlawful to dump any waste on property that is not licensed as a disposal facility. Illegal dumpers are subject to fines and impoundment of vehicles. 

Items dumped illegally on side of road

Help Stop Illegal Dumping

  • To report materials that have been illegally dumped or "junk" set out on the wrong day, use Metro311 or 574-5000.
  • If you WITNESSED A PERSON illegal dumping and have information (pictures, license plate #, etc.), please report it on our new online form.
  • Keep an eye out for the vehicles our Enforcement Team is currently looking for! 
  • Don't contribute to the problem!
    • If you hire someone to dispose waste for you, ask to see their Waste Hauler License and do not pay without a disposal receipt. Properly disposing of truck loads of materials costs at least $50 - if you're charged less than that, be suspicious. Perpetrators will often take your money and illegally dump your items to avoid the disposal fee. Drop off up to three household items for free at the Waste Reduction Center. (Disposal fees may apply for additional items.) 
    • Only set out junk or bulky items during your scheduled set out period. Residents in the Urban Services District can sign up for set out reminders using the Recycle Coach app. Residents outside of the Urban Services District should call their contracted waste hauler for information. 
  • Tips to Prevent Illegal Dumping on your Property
    • Keep your property well lit and clear of overgrown trees and shrubs.
    • Monitor your property - the presence of illegally dumped materials or bulky items set out too early attracts additional dumping. 
    • Install security cameras - send your video or photos anonymously to us and enforcement officers can use identifying information to catch the perpetrator.


The Louisville Metro Solid Waste Enforcement Team is currently looking for these vehicles. If you see any of these vehicles or have any information about their location, please report to Rob Lush, using this form or by calling 502-574-8455.


2004 Dodge truck plate 664 RLE

2004 Blue Dodge Ram 1500, 4 door, 664 RLE. Captured on camera in the Smoketown Neighborhood (District 4).


Illegal Dumping Impound

This vehicle was used to dump couches in District 4. A resident shared a security camera video with us and we used social media to  ask for help identifying the individual. Thanks to all involved! $750 citation plus $250 impound fees.


Illegal dumping impound

This vehicle was used to dump tree debris in July 2019 in District 1. Without a license plate number it took more time, but enforcement officers located the truck in District 5 and it became the first impound of 2020. $750 citation plus $250 impound fees.


Illegal Dumping Impound

This vehicle was used to dump tree debris in District 15. This is the second time this individual was caught dumping and had their vehicle impounded. $750 citation plus $250 impound fees.


Chevy plate 403 ZLM

1994 Gray Chevy Pickup, 403 ZLM. Captured on camera in the California Neighborhood (District 6).



Illegal dumping impound

This vehicle was used to dump a couch in District 21. A resident shared the footage from their home security system. $750 citation plus $250 impound fees.


View the Know Waste Webinar about illegal dumping:

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