Dockless find-and-ride vehicles

Dockless vehicles--bicycles and power assisted scooters that can be checked out from a fleet without human assistance or going to a docking station--have arrived in Louisville. These find-and-ride vehicles offer a fun and easy option for getting around the city. We've put together a set of common sense rules and recommendations for both riders and fleet operators. Here are some highlights:

Rider rules and recommendations

  • One rider per scooter
  • Must ride in roadways, and in bike lanes or bike paths where available
  • Must not ride on sidewalks
  • Keep to the right of the rightmost lane, except when making left turns
  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Offer the right of way to bicycles in bike lanes
  • Obey all traffic laws
  • When parking, do not obstruct walking area of sidewalk or block building entrances
  • Wear a helmet

Fleet rules and recommendations

  • Operation is restricted to the area within Interstate 264 except for a southern extension to Palatka Road including Iroquois Park and a western extension to Shawnee Park
  • Up to eight operators will be permitted
  • Initial fleet restricted to 150 vehicles per operator with gradual increases to 1,050 as required conditions are met.
  • Must maintain a 24-hour customer service phone number which shall be posted on each vehicle and within the method used for checking out vehicles
  • Power assisted speed of vehicles must not exceed 15 miles per hour
  • All vehicles must have always-on front and rear lights visible from at least 300 feet away
  • Must have ability to lock individual vehicles deemed or reported as unsafe

See the full Dockless Vehicle Policy