Business Recycling

Much of the waste generated by businesses is recyclable. If you would like to start a recycling program or improve an existing one, we can help! Call 574-4620 or email Karen Maynard to request a site visit. We’ll help you assess your waste stream and provide recommendations based on your unique needs and challenges. You can also request a presentation for your staff about recycling or reducing waste. 

Small businesses within the Urban Services District may be able to recycle under city services. Larger businesses with dumpsters should contact their current waste hauler for recycling information. Locations within the Central Business District, click HERE

10 Steps to a Business Recycling Program

1. Understand your waste.

Conduct a simple waste survey by looking in your garbage cans for a few days. You’ll get a feel for the amount and types of materials leaving your property. 

2. Get management on board.

Strong support from the top will ensure your employees, customers, and tenants know you are taking recycling seriously.

3. Identify a recycling champion.

There will be questions and issues that arise – find someone (or a team) who will be an ambassador for your recycling program.

4. Line up a licensed waste hauler. 

Your current waste hauler may be used, but it might be beneficial to shop around for services and rates that best fit your needs.

5. Know your bill.

Many businesses overpay for services that don’t fit their needs. Take time to go over your bill and ask your hauler questions about things you don’t understand. If you start recycling more materials, you may be able to decrease the frequency of your trash pickups.

6. Know your options and create your plan. 

A recycling plan will help organize the effort – include your accepted materials, education plan, container sizes and locations, along with collection information and schedule. 

7. Make sure recycling is easy and bins are abundant.

If recycling isn’t readily available it can be difficult for people to use. Strategically place recycling bins next to trash bins to make recycling convenient. Add simple signs to help take the guesswork out of recycling.

8. Get everyone on board.

From upper management to janitorial staff, everyone needs to be aware of changes and how they can participate. Ask for feedback on how to best make it work.

9. Start recycling!

Congratulations! You have taken an important step to reduce waste. But your work doesn’t stop here – in a few months, reevaluate your program and determine if any adjustments need to be made.

10. Continue with ongoing education.

New employees, customers, and tenants will need educational information about the recycling program right away, perhaps during orientation or move-in. Continue providing ongoing education and helpful reminders.

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