Meet our Commissioners

The business, activities and affairs of the Commission on Public Art (COPA) are managed by its members which include the Mayor or his designee; a member from Metro Council appointed by the Council President; the Public Art Administrator; and citizens appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Council, including two civic/business leaders, one faculty member of the art department of a university or college in Louisville Metro and four who are professionally involved in visual arts in Louisville Metro. Up to four additional members may be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Council. Such additional members may meet one of the criteria above, but in every case when one civic member is added, a professional involved in the visual arts shall be added at the same time.

The current Commissioners are as follows:

Elmer Lucille Allen, Artist, West Louisville Women’s Collaborative Member

Miranda Lash, Curator of Contemporary Art, Speed Art Museum

Bob Marino, Founder and CEO, Soniram, LLC

Gretchen Milliken, Director, Office of Advanced Planning, Louisville Forward

Christopher Reitz, Assistant Professor, Critical and Curatorial Studies and Gallery Director, Hite Art Institute, UofL

Cathy Shannon, Co-Owner, E&S Gallery, Inc.

Glen Stuckel, District 17 Metro Councilman

Anna Tatman, COPA Chair, Rosa Mosaic & Tile Co.

Shannon Westerman, Art, Commerce, Education Consultant


Staff: Sarah Lindgren, Public Art Administrator, Louisville Forward