Mark Reigelman

Mark Reigelman


Artist Mark Reigelman has focused his research on the Ohio River and Louisville’s origins as a portage site as travelers moved cargo across land to bypass the Falls of the Ohio. His concept for Barrel Stack is based on this history.

“For decades barrels filled with everything from bourbon and tobacco to nails and gold moved up and down the Ohio River. The riverfront in Louisville became a mountain range of goods making their way all over the country.”

“My conceptual proposal focuses on this transient history and uses the classic wooden barrel as a symbol of transport, industry and growth. By combining 40 used and discarded barrels with brightly colored and mirrored surfaces I will create visually dynamic and interactive installation that reflects and highlights Louisville’s deep connection with the Ohio River.” 

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Upriver/Downriver © 2015 Mark Reigelman II, an artwork commissioned by Louisville Metro Government and the Commission on Public Art