Jenny Kendler

Field of Vision: A Garden for Others

Jenny Kendler is an environmental activist and Natural Resources Defense Council Artist-in-Residence. Field of Vision provides an educational and innovative glimpse into the somatic perception of butterflies and other pollinators.

“Beautiful to the human eye, the garden also teaches us that pollinators’ vision is far different from ours…Using solar powered lamps modified to emit UV light, visitors will experience ‘butterfly vision’.”

“Science and beauty sit side by side, alongside a deeper attentiveness to Louisville’s ecosystem. By engaging wonder, the project starts meaningful conversations about conservation and creates new empathy for other species with which we share this planet.”

Check out an Adventure Kit, designed by Artist Jenny Kendler, to explore "Field of Vision" on the Waterfront. Adventure Kits are available at 21c Museum, The Kentucky Center,  KMAC, and Kentucky Science Center.

Learn more about Jenny Kendler by visiting her website.

Photograph Courtesy of Kenneth Hayden ©2015