False Alarm Reduction Program

The purpose of the ordinance is to encourage alarm users and alarm businesses to properly use, install and maintain the operational effectiveness of alarm systems in order to improve the reliability of alarm systems and reduce or eliminate false alarms.

The ordinance governs alarm systems and requires licenses, establishes fees, provides civil penalties for violations, establishes a system of administration, sets conditions for suspension and/or revocation of licenses for alarm businesses, and alarm technicians.

  • A false burglar alarm dispatch is defined as a request to the police department when the responding officer finds no evidence of a criminal or attempted criminal offense.
  • A hold-up alarm dispatch is defined as a request to the police department on a silent alarm signal activation to signal a robbery in progress.  When the officer arrives on scene and there is not a robbery in progress it is considered a false hold-up alarm.


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In order to make a payment online, you will need your:

  • user name 
  • password 

These can be found in your notification letter you received advising you on your false alarm civil penalty charge.

Alarm Users & Alarm Technicians

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Alarm Companies

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Would you like to eliminate one (1) of your false alarms?

Please read the "Alarm School Exam - Overview" and take the Alarm School Exam. By passing the exam, the False Alarm Reduction unit will remove one (1) false burglar or hold-up alarm. If that alarm has a monetary fee, we will adjudicate the fine.

The alarm user must take and pass the exam within seven (7) days of notification of a false burglar or hold-up alarm.

The exam can only be taken once a year. Future exams can be taken one (1) year from the date of your previous exam.




For more information, please contact:

The LMPD Records and Alarm Unit

701 West Ormsby Avenue, Suite 001

Louisville, KY 40203