Community Services Division

Major Andrea Brown -- Email

Community Events Unit
400 South First Street
Louisville, KY  40202
Phone (502) 574-7565 

Major Andrea Brown -- Email

Facilitates planning and implementation of public events, reviews all permits filed with Metro Government and determines the amount of assistance the department may provide. 

For more information on obtaining a permit, please click here.


Traffic Unit 
709 Fairdale Road 
Louisville, KY  40118 
Phone (502) 574-2445 

Lieutenant Micah Scheu -- Email

Responds and investigates collisions involving fatalities, life threatening injuries or collisions on the interstates.

Community Policing Unit
400 South First Street
Louisville, KY  40202
Phone (502) 574-2134

Lieutenant  -- Email 

Supports department-wide community outreach initiatives through programs such as the LMPD's Citizens Police Academies, crime prevention forums, Neighborhood Watches, youth councils and  the Volunteers in Police Services program.

Officer Johnny Burgraff -- Email

Officer Burgraff is the department's liaison for the LGBT community. In this role, he coordinates LGBT Citizens Police Academies, enhances police awareness and training and seeks opportunities to build trust between police officers and LGBT citizens.