Land Development Code Interpretations

LDC interpretations are made by Planning and Design Services staff through the authority of the Planning Director where the language within the LDC is ambiguous, unclear or where a specific use or provision is absent. Interpretations may not be made that contradict specific references within the LDC.

You may access the following recent LDC interpretations at the Permit Data Portal. Once at that page, click Permit / Case / Docket Number at the lower left part of the screen and enter the associated case number (e.g. 15INTERPTN1001).  

15INTERPTN1002 – Real Estate Signs in the Traditional Neighborhood Zoning District

15INTERPTN1003 – Institutional Uses in the Traditional Neighborhood Zoning District

15INTERPTN1004 – Alcohol with no Food Sales in the Planned Village District

15INTERPTN1005 – Vested Rights

15INTERPTN1006 – Temporary Activity Permit for Unpermitted Uses

15INTERPTN1007 – Density in OR-3

15INTERPTN1008 – String Lights

15INTERPTN1009 – Government Logos as Signs

15INTERPTN1010 – Internet Car Sales

16INTERPTN1000 – Residential Dwelling Units (i.e. Oxford Houses)

17INTERPTN1001 – TNZD density for conversion to multifamily

17INTERPTN1003 – Permanent Markup/Cosmetics

17INTERPTN1004 – Trailer Sales, Rental and Repair

18INTERPTN1000 – Vehicle Use Area Clarification to Interior Landscape Area Calculation

Please note Planning and Design Services staff maintains additional interpretations as public records that may be obtained by contacting Chris French, Planning Supervisor, at (502) 574-5256 or [email protected]